The Value of love is vanishing

The Value of love is vanishing

(It is no a poem don’t read as poem)In the past “Love” is like a sacred word
It was very difficult to confess, “I LOVE YOU”
When some one say, “I love you”
S/he really means it
In the past the word, “I love you”
Comes from the core of their heart
The word “Love-affairs”
Was also not used in family matter discussion
But today the word “I love you”
Seems to be purchasable from the market
To say, “I love you” is becoming easier
When I was doing my 12 class,
One of my teachers said told us,
“Don’t use the word “I LOVE YOU” now
Because later there will be not word to say “I LOVE YOU”
To your wife or husband.
Is that right? Yes absolutely correct!
The stereotyped type of love and saying,
“I love you” is predominant in today’s society.
Many say, “I don’t care what is true love,
I want only love in my life to satisfy my lust”
Today to say, “I love you” is becoming nothing
We may no hear saying, “I love you”
But the lust of the eyes and the body language
Express “I love you”
There is hardly TRUE LOVE
Today if some one say, “I love you”
Will that be a true love or lust?
How long that three magic word will remain?
Even some of our ilander friends also believe
That there is nothing such as true love
I am little shock to learnt this
But this is what we have different perspection today.
I may say this is good, but the other may say,
It is very bad.
This is what our society is.
And this is what we have different value in our thinking.
The dying TRUE LOVE can be changed
With changing our moral value and thinking
Replenish your love by renovating in your perception
If some one say, “I love you” to you
Let it be from their heart

And let it be from your heart if you say

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