What I want to be remembered?

What I want to be remembered?

What I want to be remembered for…

What do you want to be remembered for in your life? Many people want to be remembered and recognized as some one great or contributed something good in their lives. However there are also some people who have not vision or dream.

Do you have visions and dreams? If yes then you must be having something that you want to do and be remembered after you become old after you died.

Here is some of the politicians, Celebrities, sports persons, social activists in India who want to be remembered as –

1. Sachin Pilot (Politician): I want to be remembered as a politicians who could bring a positive change to society. I would like to be recognized for my initiatives to make life better for people around me.
2. Shah Rukh Khan (Actor) : I want to be remembered as a hard working human being
3. Medha Patkar (Activist): I would like to be remembered as a an activist who has challenged social, economic and political injustice and inequality, as one of those who has found against violation of human rights of disadvantaged and deprived sections. I may also be remembered as one who has spoken out for mute nature and given it a voice.
4. Rajpal Yadav: I would like to be remembered for being an honest and good human being. As some one who was able to help his friends and family with money, love, guidance, morality…anything. A person who contributed both his country and people. As a man who was satisfied with what he achieved in life, who never stopped dreaming, and was motivated to convert those dreams into reality.
5. M S Swaminathan (Agriculture Expert): I would like to be remembered for contributions to generating a new confidence in India’s agricultural capability and to harnessing frontier science and traditional wisdom for enhancing agrarian prosperity and sustainable food security.
6. Sunita Narrain (Activist): I want to be remembered as some body who worked very hard for what she believed in. as a person who is passionate and commiteed to environmental issues and sustainable development.
7. Valmik Thapar (Conservationist): I want to be remembered for my failure to save the wild tiger. My 30 years in this field didn’t reap any benefits. I’ll have to live with my failure. I have failed to engage anyone to save the animal. People still don’t understand the importance of animals and keep killing them mindlessly.
8. Irfan Habib (Criketer): I am too self-centered to bother what I should remembered for
9. Kapil Dev (Cricketer) : My greatest desire is to always be remembered as a good sportsman, not just a good cricketer.
10. Bhaichung Bhutia (Footballer): I never thought as a youngster that I would lead the country in any sport. I am still fulfilling a dream. Though I haven’t spared any thought on retirement, I would like to be remembered as a footballer who tried to give his best whenever he played.

(Note: Given serial No.1-10 are compiled from Pune times)


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