The real evidence of Naga Independence

 As per the Leangyu village resolution adopted in the August 14, 1954, some more than five hundred strong warriors gathered at Y. Anner Village and voted with voice vote to M- Lakhum Yimchunger to be the war leader. Therefore, all the scholars, educationist, historians, journalists, tribal elders, Reverends, Pastors, Churches, Associations, Naga Hoho, Beaucrates, Human rights, Tribal elders and all the elders of the state of Nagaland should wisely open your eyes and be clarified there of. As per the resolution adopted as stated above, the freedom for Naga Independence was not started in the form of society or union or n nay false allegation, but it I through the conscious of war Elders that it was formed for the Naga Independence through the bloodshed so, why are the people of Nagas treading in the wrong direction? 1. The first NNC meeting was held on July 25 1954 at Tuensang Town. In the meeting the important discussion was resolved to collect the NNC fund in which the collectors in-charge was given to M. Lakhum Yimchunger under Yimchunger Region to mobilize fund rising, and as per meeting resolution, the fund was collected from twenty three villages. The amount was handed to Imkongmeren Ao, Vice President NNC on July 31, 1954. Only the NNC officially set up and free Naga in the Tuensang Area declared the “Sovereign Republic Free Land Country” on September 9154. 2. In the second round, A.Z. Phizo’s intervention to the Yimchunger Land reached on August 8, 1954, he crossed through the Huker village to Shiponger village and rested overnight, the next day he proceeded to Sangmutong village and took rest overnight thee too after where he proceeded to Leangnyu village, there he called for NNC meeting on August 1954, where all Tuensang Free Area respective authorities had gathered at the Leangnyu village. In the meeting many important discussions and resolutions were made. But the most important issue was that A.Z.Phizo appealed to the Tuensang Regional Authorities. He said that Kohima and Mokokchung areas are under the clip of Assam state, for which, he said, Tuensang is Free Area and “they (you) should move the Naga Independent movement, we ask to be taken under ‘unclipped Wings’ “. And led by your warriors, we will be free from India tyranny. He repeatedly said, open the gate for (Kohima and Mokokchung) because Tuensang is only free to do any cause.

source: MExN

M. Lakhum Yimchunger, Lord- Com- President, Naga National Council, Bloodshed No. 1


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