Stand up for Jesus and save the people

The Nagas are now having conflict among ourselves for nothing. We are killing one another and suffering for nothing.

We need repentance, a new heart and a new change. We need to speak the truth and admit the truth. The root cause of endless conflict and suffering among our people is that our people do not admit our own wrong and the good point of others but for building up self image.

Word counters word and force counters force will go on endlessly. The solution is standing up for Jesus which is obedience to his commandments. God will reward everybody according to the deeds.

Let God intervene.

Don’t be afraid of your rivals. Our horrible enemy is sin. Let us be afraid of sin and avoid it.

Be afraid of being arrogant because it precedes fall according to the Bible.

When some ones thunder to show their power to be feared, be gentle like the sheep of Christ.

When someone tries to exalt themselves above others, let us humble ourselves in order to be exalted by God as promised.

When some ones speak lie against you, speak honestly before God to be victorious.

When some ones try to humiliate you, stand for the truth, which cannot be conquered. When some ones threaten and intimidate you, be aware that it is their shame in future.

When some ones curse you, bless them in the Dame of Jesus Christ in order to be blessed.

When some ones persecute you without any Cause, pray for them which is victory before God.

When some ones try to wound the people, let us try to work for peace, because peace makers will be called the children of God according to the Bible.

When some ones try to create anguish, let us try to console.

When some ones create fear psychosis, let us try to encourage.

When some ones try to divide, let us try to unite in harmony.

When some ones seek self-existence and glory, let us try to do for the glory of God only.

Let us not retaliate because vengeance is of God.

When some ones try to impose self-will upon the people, let us try to do any thing in the interest of the people.

When some ones hate you, try to love them because it is a victory over them.

When some ones speak in the influence of gun, let us speak in the perspective of the word of God with boldness.

Let us honestly admit our own wrong if any and appreciate and accommodate the good point of others irrespective of friends or foes

Let us repent of sin first and pray. Our people in general do pray much without turning from sin. So no change takes place. Surrender to Christ is the answer to all of our problems. Bright day will come only through Christ.

Courtesy: Rev. L. Suohie Mhasi


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