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We are enclosed within the inescapable bubble of ‘Time’. To live out a lifetime before we are released from its grasp. You realize that you are upon a terrestrial sphere, in which everything gradually disintegrate and decay; and so it is that quite suddenly that your time is up and next is, supposedly – oblivion. Perhaps you wonder and ask why it has to be this way. Why can’t we be around always? Maybe it would be a great deal better to know that it doesn’t end here as it seems to be. It could be possible to find the answer in the fact that we are a very special kind of creatures capable of much abstract thought and experiences. We dream and have the capability to pursue and fulfill them after having foreseen and conceptualized them at some point of time in the past.

Don’t we dream and desire to be immortal and celestial? Will it be possible to live out our good dreams forever on a blissful sphere? And also traverse the infinite expanse of the Universe unfettered? Especially, to be freed from all the powers that restrict us well within the bounds time, distance and physical barriers? You would surely agree that every human endeavor at the highest and most advanced scientific research work is directed to satisfy the above questions. We must realize, there is an innate consciousness deep in our psyche, which we continue to exist well after we have shed this physical form. Scientific, technological and modern lifestyle denies the fact that we are here with a definite purpose, which is the preparation for a greater and higher level of existence. Down the ages, geniuses, seers, prophets (exceptional and extraordinary entities) had profound glimpses of eternity, of which we hardly allow ourselves to think of, have boldly declared of what they saw and believed. They were persecuted, tortured and ostracized; and were killed for what they believed and lived for.

Yet, some portions of humanity tried to understand what it was that made such men and women to behave and live ‘outlandish’ lives. Some of the people get the wrong idea and simply imitate these great enlightened souls, alas! Only a handful could take up from where it was left off by these fine pieces of humanity. They are the precious stones of rare occurrence. We live in such a time, in which the sea of humanity surges more bois-terously and with greater degree of violence, evermore crashing upon the jagged rocks of base instincts and reflexes of a mortal being.

With the passing ages this sea of humanity is becoming more violent because the sustaining resources of the planet is fast depleting, and more so in this fast paced technological and commercial world. This it is more like convulsions before a universal annihilation. This is the resultant consequence of each individual drop in the sea giving vent to its passions of the baser sort, emphasizing physical survival. We can attribute this character to the fact that they fail to close their physical eyes to the glitzy glitter of this material world, and open the inner spiritual eyes to a whole new vista that will overwhelm us with its knowledge of eternity. The spiritual Universe is celestial and to understand it, one must be in a spiritual disposition.

Once the longings and desires of the soul and spirit are thus awakened, you are bound to acknowledge the existence of an omnipotent and omniscient Intelligence that brought forth the universe into being and manages it to the minutest detail, of which we are awed to observe. As a rational Being, we are to admit that nothing happens by chance or come into existence by itself. Definitely, there is an all pervading power that created and sustains the physical universe that we know of. And thus as we prostrate before the omnipotent and eternal one, who we revere and address as God, then only we can truly experience a miniscule fraction of eternity, as a precursor in our endeavor to know ourselves and our destiny.

This awareness, forthwith, shall blow away all the disharmony, confusion in us. Thus the process of enlightenment begins to bore deeper into our life. In this way the serenity and peace of eternity ushers infinitesimal degrees of joy and happiness into us, which consequentially radiates outward in the form of divine universal Love. Culpably, changing a mere mortal into a noble Being prepared for the higher spiritual life. All these are achievable through the knowledge of God, in the form of Lord Jesus Christ and his eternal words. He is the creator God -Colossians 1.16 KJV Holy Bible, who created the Universe and everything within it and yet, condescendingly revealed Al-mighty God to mankind in the form of a mortal man more than two thousand years ago in Palestine, which is now present day Israel. Jesus is a historical fact.

All the gracious words that proceeded from His lips were with the vital force of Spirit and Life (inspiring and rejuvenating) to the people who heard Him and now to the readers of His written words in the Holy Bible (St John 6.63 KJV Holy Bible). Lives were changed for the better and miraculous experiences received that relieved and rescued people from the vagaries of life. The teachings of Jesus have been and are relevant for all periods of time. It still is, even for this age of stupendous technological advancement.

The words of Jesus Christ reveal clearly our destiny if we take the positive decision to believe and live by it. Millions, from all tribes and nations have professed the peace, joy and righteousness in the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ (Romans 14.17 KJV Holy Bible) and have confidently and most joyfully crossed over. Eternal life and continuous ultimate satisfaction of existence is promised and given to all who believe and accept the eternal words of Lord Jesus Christ. Especially in these last days leading to the end of this Universe as written in the Holy Bible, many are losing every inclination for the spiritual.

The desire for sublimity and spiritual contemplation are deliberately suppressed and buried under every kind of material and physical gratification. This is the great deception of the Evil one – Satan. Subtly the wicked powers lure away the heart and mind of the masses with things that quickly appeal to the physical and sensual senses, to dissuade them from making the important decision to focus upon the question of the after-life and Eternity which is inevitable to all. Moreover many other thoughts, beliefs and practices are propagated that lead many to dead-ends, causing frustration and ruin of precious lives. Many are spiritually blinded and their feelings (conscience) numbed; their understanding darkened that they simply can’t believe and agree to the simple terms and conditions laid out divinely in the Holy bible, how to get hold of and possess eternity immediately (1 Corinthians 1.18 KJV Holy Bible).

It is pronounced in the Bible that anyone who doesn’t accept the invitation to salvation through Jesus Christ will be treated as rebels. Who have blatantly despised the supreme sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, and will suffer the eternal punishment in the Lake of Fire, which is originally prepared for the eternal punishment of Satan and his followers. But if you make the right decision to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, instantly you are saved by His grace – Ephesians 2.8-9 KJV Holy Bible. People should not think that they are about to follow a new religion, because following Jesus is not ritualistic like a religion. It’s a new way of life, new consciousness, and a new perspective in which one enjoys full hope and exciting experiences of the powers of the world to come, which is eternal. Moreover, Jesus Christ is not the God of Christians only; He is the God of all men. God is found by those who sincerely seek Him (Deuteronomy 4.29 KJV Holy Bible).

We are now in the most critical period of human history. Most of the predictions as recorded in the Bible are being fulfilled, that point towards the end of the world we know of. ‘Time’ as we know of is going to be over soon and we’ll move on into the ‘time-less’ eternity. According to scripture, we understand that it’s not going to be a smooth and quiet transition. We are warned that it will be with unimaginable cataclysmic upheavals of cosmic proportions (St. Matthew 24.21 KJV Holy Bible). Dark energy and powers must be subdued and destroyed to make the infinite Universe light and bright with the final redemption of the people of God and the final establishment of the eternal empire of God Almighty. As He had planned from the beginning of the ages to do so along with specially created humans who spontaneously adore and obey Him. And who are exalted to the level of being His children throughout eternity.

Now is the right moment for you to make the most important positive decision to grab this wonderful opportunity to prepare for the inevitable eventuality racing towards us. Acknowledge and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior and God. Reconcile with God by confession and giving up of sinful life (not believing on Jesus Christ itself is the greatest sin) – Acts 2.38 KJV Holy Bible. To fulfill God’s commandment for the process of justification, you must be baptized by a Holy Spirit filled clergyman in the name of the Father (God the Father), Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit (third person of the triune God) (St. Matthew 28.19 KJV Holy Bible). Thereafter you must pray God to baptize (fill) you with the Holy Spirit. He’ll dwell in you and help, for you to be prepared to transform into your celestial form and to literally ascend up the sky to meet Lord Jesus when He comes as He promised. This event is very close as understood through the scripture. Obtain a Holy Bible, read it and pray earnestly.

You will definitely receive the hope and experience of eternal life. Faith will allow glimpses of the blissful eternity as you progress on till that most glorious day when the Good Lord Jesus appear in the mid-air to gather His Saints. Please don’t delay nor hesitate for another minute, make the most important positive decision to call upon the Lord Jesus Christ and to believe on Him! (Acts 2.21; Romans 10.13 KJV Holy Bible).


source: NPN 

‘Is it good practice and if not how to make it better’


There is a time to be happy and a time to cry- a line which everybody is familiar with. The happiest moment for a man and a woman is the holy marriage. Very soon a row of marriage parties will be coming up because winter (usually the marriage time) is fast approaching. This will be a tempting time for those who conduct the marriage ceremonies.

Whether correctly or incorrectly informed it is made known from very reliable sources that a marriage party gifts with a nice suit and a gold ring to the pastor who conducts the marriage.

If this is true then it is really ridiculous and very unbecoming on the part of the sanctified preacher. A pastor should never accept such gifts even if tempted. At the most, accepting a few eatables from the marriage party is good enough for courtesy sake. Excepting a few, a marriage is a big burden to the parents of the brides and the grooms and unfortunately here in our state it is celebrated in a very expensive way which seems (with due apology) not very wise. Will it not be good if it is done in a more humble and economic way because, besides the burden to the parents, there is no guarantee that a marriage will last for life and there are quite a number of failed marriages in spite of the fact that the same was performed in an extremely expensive way. I strongly believe our Lord will rather look into the purity of the marriage and not how grandly the same was celebrated.

Our Lord Jesus said, “I am not of this world”, and Christian preachers are expected to be strict followers of this doctrine. Reverends and pastors are suppose to be sanctified ones and we expect them to be meek and humble and not given to worldly things.

A pastor is given perks like free accommodation, telephone) electricity, water bills and all sorts of mission journeys with connected expenses are borne from the church fund. Apart from all these he is also given a high monthly salary especially in the district headquarter churches. It is also really surprising how some preachers become very well off in course of time. It is high time for them to seriously ponder upon these issues so that they do not become a stumbling block to the general public. They are fishers of man and not fishers of amenities, if I am permitted to say so.

As the Lord says, “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight, what you have whispered in the ear in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the roofs.”(Luke 12:2-3).

This write up is given so that the erring preachers are alerted and that they will resist the various worldly temptations because Satan is constantly trying to mislead all of us every moment of the time.

It is most respectfully requested to the readers of this article to view it without any prejudice and duly apologize if anyone’s sentiments are hurt.

Jonathan Naga

AG colony