Christianity first dawned in Molungkimong-

The DIPR news titled ‘Molung-yimsen VC members meet governor’ which appeared in the local papers dated January 19 states “Molungyimsen village was the first centre of the advent of Christianity in the state of Nagaland, where Rev. W.E Clark first began his mission in 1872′.

This is misleading information and can easily misconstrued by the readers on the true historical facts about the advent of Christianity in a local daily.

In the year 1872, Rev. W.E Clark baptized the first 24 converts (November 11 and sub-sequently in December 23) in Molungkimong and hence then this village and not Molungyimsen is the pioneering village for the spread of Christianity in Nagaland.

To clear any misapprehended facts, it should be known that in 1872, there was no Molungyimsen because this village was formed only in 1876, which was led by Rev. W.E Clark from the village of Molungkimong after some misunderstanding arose among the villagers.

These are historical events which cannot be reworked or tainted by a mere print on a sheet of paper or recital for a vested interest.

Further more when ever such chronological facts need to be publicized, individuals as well as organizations or institutes should be sensitive enough to present true facts and not the distorted versions.

Such distortions mislead the readers as well as hurt the sentiments of the particular village where so the historical event took place.

The facts presented above has been written with reference from the decision passed by ABAM (Ao Baptist Arogo Mungdang) on November 4-6, 1980, from the book ‘A Corner in India’ authored by M.M Clark, wife of Rev. W.E Clark and Molungkimong, the eternal witness of a village that saw history in its soil.


Alem Longchar

Oim Longchar

Lisen Tsudir

Duncan basti,



3 thoughts on “Christianity first dawned in Molungkimong-

  1. it is really dissapointing to see that people in this generation are still creating a fuss about the first comming of christianity…

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