GPRN/NSCN (IM) on unification move

Dec 28th 2007

In the name of unification, the most provocative things are happening in Dimapur but for the greater interest of the Naga Nation, maximum restraints and patience have been exercised by NSCN, because the national principle are not guided by communal interest but by national interest. The national issue cannot be allowed to get polluted to serve the interest of the anti-Naga forces that has raised its ugly head in the form of Azheto Chophy and his mentor Khaplang. Running after the cadres of NSCN forces from behind to snatch away their arms is indicative of the most provocative action that armed forces of the stature of GPRN/NSCN could forbear for long. This bears immense significance but with dangerous repercussion as such incidence comes behind the call of Naga Unification initiated by Azheto and Khaplang group. Thank God the true story and the motive of the slogan of Naga Unity is fast unfolding in a very transparent manner. On Christmas night , Azheto and Khaplang forces stationed at Purana bazaar snatched away two SLRs from two NSCN cadres namely Corporal Ninguang and Corporal Ireilung who were just moving around on routine duty near Purana bazaar. When encountered by the NSCN forces to surrender, the two arms along with the cadres, it was flatly turned down saying the NSCN cadres can be taken back but not the arms. Desperate to give reasons they charged the two NSCN cadres for having intruded into the residence of Tatar Vineho. This time too the nerve of the NSCN forces is tested again.

This is just another story taking place behind the call of Naga Unity. During the past one month of this false unity call, prominent businessmen have been kidnapped for ransom demanding crores of rupees; no doubt they have collected in terms of crores. The NSCN is in the knowledge of all such dirty dealings by Azheto and Khaplang forces, giving the intolerable message that the patience of NSCN has been exploited to the limit.

It is however to be rightfully questioned by all the concern Nagas if such immoral and highly degrading criminal activities have anything to do with Naga Unity program. Where is the unity group under Azheto leading the Nagas to? Lest the Nagas are taken for a ride by this deceptive scheme, the NSCN is under obligation to forewarn the Nagas to exercise their conscience in order to uphold the greater interest of the Nagas and not the chauvinistic interest of any single tribe.

Ministry of information and publicity



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