H. S. Rotokha responds

9th Jan. 2008

It really pains us to have come across the news column under the caption ‘Unification cannot be defiled’ in local dailies wherein Hokishe Yeptho, Sumi Hoho president and Kakishe have been threatened by NSCN-IM accusing them to have criticized or insulted Isak Chishi Swu, the chairman NSCN.

Here the fact remains that the chairman’s directives given urging for unification of factions and his actions being taken on the unification initiators, as we are aware of, have created a lot of confusions. Therefore, the Sumi Hoho executive emergency meeting was held on January 4′ 2008 and decided to ask him to clarify his stand on the issue for confidence building. In a democratic society like ours, we do not feel there is any harm for any organization or individual seeking clarification on common interest which should in no way be misconstrued it as a criticism of insult, it is unfortunate.

This was a collective opinion of Sumi Hoho members but never of an individual and therefore our national leaders are expected not to particulars any individual on such issue with languages not sounding well.


H. S. Rotokha

Former president

Sumi Hoho


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