In support of unification

In support of unification

I the undersigned would like to extend unconditional support to the current unification process and deeply appreciate the GBs, DBs, Naga Hoho and Western Sumi Hoho for taking the constructive step to bring the Nagas under one umbrella.

In fact, the step taking by the mentioned NGOs and sensible leaders of both the factions was indeed praiseworthy. The true Christian spirit and the spirit of brotherhood shown by the leaders of both factions deserve support by all sections of Naga society. In order to achieve our ultimate goal, positive attitude is indispensable. In this regard, I appeal to one and all to think positive to the present issue and most of all to follow the policy of forgive and forget, the highest code of moral conduct of all mankind, so that the full unification is achieved. I am convinced that this step can motivate and orient our society in a more positive way in every respect. I once again appeal to all right thinking Nagas to wholeheartedly support the ongoing process of unification.


Tokugha Zhimo,

Brigadier cum Supervisor,

Sumi Region FGN


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