Nagaland under PR: A mockery

6th Jan. 2008 NPN

The decision to impose President’s Rule in Nagaland is the most abhorable thing that has ever happened to Nagaland during the last one decade. At a time when Nagaland is considered as more peaceful state than many other turbulent states in the country, the proclamation of the Central Rule came as a shock for many peaceful loving citizens of Nagaland.

For a separate HC and judiciary This is because central rule in Nagaland has always been marred with excess of the Indian army and that’s why for the common people, Presidents’ rule or more infamously PR is considered as a “reign of Terror” often unleashed by the central troops in the name of curbing insurgency.

At a time when the people of Nagaland had just welcomed the NewYear 2008 with happiness and hope for a prosperous year, the 3rd January 2008 will be considered as another Black Day in the history of the Nagas because of this very day, the popular will of the people got murdered by the Congress (I).

The ruthless and relentless political creed of the Congress could be obvious from the way the PR celebration continued amongst the different ranks and files within the Congress party both at the Centre and at the state when the common people began to reel at the thought of atrocities perpetrated upon the people during the earlier PR.

This is indeed a mockery on the democratic cultures of the Nagas. The Nagas are borne warriors and accepts both vanquished and victors as courageous warriors. However, the cowardice imposition of PR by the Congress has proven that the true spirit of Naga warriors’ blood does not run in the veins of the Nagaland State Congress Party.

In a strong supplementation to the NSF president, Imchatoba Imchen who said that the people of Nagaland do not want central rule, especially when there is hardly two months to go for the General election, the Congress led UPA and its allies must seriously reconsider its PR imposition if the Congress honestly wants to win the hearts and the sympathy of the Naga people. The PR will, in no way, serve to make political mileage for the congress party. Instead, PR will prove to be the Sword of Gideon which will chop off the Congress political career once the Court of the People gives its judgment in the form of adult franchisee.

Needless to say, the imposition of PR has already benefited the Neiphiu Rio led DAN in the form of people’s support and good wishes. It has only exposed the desperate and frustrated action of the Congress party to shy away from the people’s mandate due only by two months.

The Naga people stands to congratulate Neiphiu Rio for having successfully carried those bunch of defecting political conscripts for two months short of five years as no other than him (Rio) could have such bold and dynamic caliber to withstand such challenges. In this light, the people of Nagaland are ready to give another chance to Neiphiu Rio to take the Nagas forward into a self-reliant society.

In short, the popular demand of the Naga people today is to revoke the imposition of PR and hold election and let a new people mandated government be formed before March 13. The people of Nagaland are ready to give a befitting reply to the Congress party for bringing an ill-fated PR as a New Year’s curse.

It must also be taken as a warning that if election is not held on time, the feeling and reaction of the Naga people may take an unwarranted and ugly turn, eventually, leading to a break down of the state machinery once the public take deliverance of justice in their own hands. The Congress party will be solely held responsible and they should be ready to reap the fruits of such negative development.


N.S.N. Lotha,

Ex. gen secy &

president, NSF

Former secy gen, Advisor,

North East Students’ Org.


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