NSCN (IM) on dismissal of Azheto

4th Jan. 2008

Naga unification in the context of the present situation where unprincipled ground exists taking the name of national workers, has become an emotional issue for the Nagas who really matter and who have forward looking approached for the Indo-Naga solution. Because, given the years of hardships with many lost of lives, there will undoubtedly be no single Naga across Nagalim who will not vouch for Naga unification. But the unfortunate thing as seen today is the exploitation of this issue on an emotional line to further enhance sectarian interest which is far from serving the purpose of the whole Naga.

This exposure of the anti-Naga agenda behind the call for Naga unification is the cause for the damnation of the dethroned GPRN Kilo Kilonser, Azheto Chophy who was dismissed by Yaruiwo’s Order after having been convicted on criminal charge of high treason. There is no ground for Azheto Chophy to justify his action for he dared to hook wind the Nagas, collaborating with the Western Sumi Hoho (WSH), only to end up in the mess, never willing to wriggle out of it despite the life line extended by the forgiving hands of NSCN. After all, how long can NSCN exercise restraint on such condemnable act with such overbearing attitude that is tantamount to challenging NSCN authority? The intelligence scrutiny of the NSCN nevertheless failed to find on iota of truth in Azheto’s seemingly show of extra concern for Naga unification. The simple fact is that the immorality and guiltiness in his objectives forced him to use illegal passage to announce his plan.

The NSCN never questions the initiative of anyone on the issue of peace and unity. Question was only raised when one started on wrong footing without taking the NSCN/GPRN authority into confidence. Because Azheto Chophy happened to be GPRN’s Kilo Kilonser and the violation thereof the mandatory adherence to principle guidelines and official code of conduct that binds every national worker, high and low. After all, an approach to the magnitude of Naga unification, otherwise motivated by ulterior design, will go the way of a very transparent manner. However, like the Biblical saying: “Behold, your sins will find you out”, how long can Azheto and his blind followers go on taking the Nagas for a ride.

It is ridiculous for the Western Sumi Hoho to speak of Naga history. It will be an embarrassment for the WSH if historical facts are to be dug out; but for the faithful and die-hard Sumi National workers who have lived up to the Naga national principles, it is best left to the unfolding situation to reveal the true color of each national worker, irrespective of tribe and to prove their worth.

In the given situation where Azheto Chophy has been listed among the National Traitors, the same stigma is to be attached to those who have gone along with Azheto if they fail to come back within the stipulated period. As such, “traitors and defaulters” will henceforth be treated in the manner they deserved and there will be no compromise whatsoever.





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