NSCN (IM) slams Azheto Chophy

10th Jan. 2008

What manner of social order has come to exist in Dimapur following the sinister game plan of Azheto taking the name of Naga unification? The show is being displayed for public awareness lest they are carried away by the obsessive wave of Naga unification that has now turned out to be hallowed, bereft of any sign of genuine aspiration. Because simply inventing noise of Naga unification without the God-inspired motivation would not touch the hearts of the Nagas. Turning tragically for the Nagas is to immoral activities that immediately followed the call of WSH-SH and Azheto combined for Naga unification.

Why have the business community (non-local) fleeing Dimapur? Azheto gang is on kidnapping spree demanding crores for ransom. From Transports Company Rs.55 lacs was extracted after kidnapping the manager of the Company and Rs.90 lacs from one businessmen Mr.Bahar after kidnapping. Mr.Shekar of Purana bazaar is still in the custody of Azheto group. These are just few examples of the kidnapping works of Azheto hideously shouted for Naga unification.

Strangely but interestingly Azheto is one notorious person who vehemently opposes Naga integration and more often than not parroting the political stand of his adopted mentor SC Jamir who is deadly against Naga integration and who has embraced the Indian constitution to be the standard for Naga political solution.

The question before the Naga nation is – should a person of the type of Azheto who force to Naga people to declare him as the traitor and his demonstrative anti-Naga integration utterances be allowed to have his way in the name of Naga unification? Can kidnappers bring about Naga unification? No person of any status without moral integrity should take the issue of Naga unification to the people. This is tantamount to fooling the Naga people in order to fulfill certain agenda that is remotely linked to Naga unification.

The Naga people must not misunderstand the restraint being exercised by NSCN in the face of provocative action by Azheto group and K-group. On 8th January at around 7:00.pm this two group hurled a bomb at Sgt/Major Qhevishe of Naga Army inside Kwality Hotel injuring him seriously along with his two other local friends. The combined assailants were led by Major Vikato of Khaplang group. Is this the manner to call for Naga unification?





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