On unification move

4th Jan. 2008

It is felt unthankful if a word of appreciation is not expressed for cessation of factional killing during these days. Peace is the responsibility of every individual Christian and group of people. In the past, peace making was considered as the exclusive responsibility of the church but now DB’s association and GB’s federation have played their remarkable role for peace which is appreciated. Every human being has his goodness and weakness. Our Sumis are daring and precipitate. They took bold step in initiating peace in the past. Now it is a great sense of relief that no news about factional killing is seen or heard across our esteemed local dailies for quite a long time which is attributable to Western Sumi Hoho and the unified NSCN. We wish that this peace move be the beginning of a lasting peace in Nagaland. True unification will be emanated from true spirit of love and sincere love for the people will do any thing in transparency and consistency and will acknowledge fact and reality of the situation. True love does not have selfish motive and cannot be overcome by any criticism and opposition. Sincere aspiration for peace will not be only to have a clarion call to the people to come and join the peace move but to go to any body for forgiveness and reconciliation and explore the way and means of how to get unified and one. If it is not done, peace initiators are not yet walking on the track to the desired goal. Some thing is termed as logic or justice or reality or consistency whatever it may be, peace move cannot succeed by bypassing any of it. I appreciate the effort of peace initiators for unification which created lull for quite a length of time and I hope that they will endeavor to get through any hardship and difficulties to bring about a lasting peace basing on the unification move as stepping stone by sacrificing selves. May God help them.


Rev. L. Souhie Mhasi


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