SCCL stands for Naga unification

5th Jan. 2008 NPN

In appreciation and response of the Peace and Reconciliation initiative taken by the Nagaland GB’s Federation and Nagaland DB’s Association, NBCC and various other Civil Societies, the Sumi Concerned Church Leaders (SCCL) wholeheartedly endorse the Unification Team to spearhead the interest of the Naga people for peace and reconciliation among the Nagas to achieve the greater Naga goal. What the Nagas have experienced after Naga unification move is what we can actually call “peace and reconciliation” in real Christian spirit without any news of related violence or bloodshed. Have we all not heaved a sigh of relief during the festive season for a peaceful Nagaland? This is the truce Nagas have been lamenting and praying for. This is a witness of words translated into action regarding the Naga cry for healing our land.

The Sumi Concernerd Church Leaders (SCCL) strongly oppose the cheap propaganda by some vested interest groups that the unification move is a venture of a few sections of certain “council for the purpose of grabbing power, money and land to exploit the interest of other Nagas”[Sic]. At this juncture when no stones are being left unturned to venture boldly into bringing all the Nagas together under the banner of peace and reconciliation, it is a shameful and inhuman act to point fingers at others without valid rhyme or reason. In the true sense of the word such callous attitude is in itself a murder of Naga conscience and vision. For instance in pointing fingers at WSH (Western Sumi Hoho) or a single tribe regarding the authority or right to speak out about Naga history one is committing a childlike blunder devoid of the ability to perceive what is right or wrong, true or false. It only invites hatred and mockery from the concerned Naga citizens for stooping so low and exhibiting such helplessness in dealing with the common Naga cause.

Let it be known to all that the relative use of the word “Peace, Forgiveness and Reconciliation” for one’s own convenience only makes one a laughing stock of the public. It is a disgraceful play on other’s intellect and wisdom thereby automatically losing people’s confidence and support. The silence of the many Naga public does not mean that they are ignorant or approve of such despicable acts or propaganda. Rather the seeds of mistrust and lies that has been sown will grow into public unrest and resistance in due course of time as witnessed in human history including our very own Naga history time and again.

Kilo Kilonser Azheto chophy has been “dismissed after having been convicted on criminal charge of high treason”[Sic] If Azheto Chophy’s stand for peace and reconciliation has been termed as an act of treason we fail to understand what NSCN (IM) actually stand for when it openly claims that it stands for or supports the initiative of anyone on the issue of peace and reconciliation. The question now bothering every right thinking Naga citizen is how long the Nagas will be taken for a ride with all these false claims and promises? And if it is not false what else can this be? It is high time all responsible Naga citizens to speak up for what is right and what is true in the eyes of God and in the common interest of all the Nagas. The SCCL appreciates the bold and sacrificial effort of the unification team who are paying the price with their life for the greater Naga cause and aspirations. We pray that the God of the Naga people who had been our guiding force from time immemorial would bless and guide their leadership.

Kilo Kilonser Azheto Chophy though dismissed as a national traitor by a certain group yet is a hero in the eyes of the common Naga people who love peace and reconciliation. The threat of the same stigma remains on those who along with him had joined the unification team. Instead of being threatened we encourage them to remain steadfast in their right decision because it is the will of God that the Nagas stand united in the true Christian spirit of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation. We recognize and esteem your bold acts as a response to our fervent prayers by the Gracious Almighty God and not as traitors or defaulters. Do not be disheartened or dismayed for God is with you to guide and protect you and not put you to shame. He will strengthen you and uphold you with his victorious right hand. (Isaiah 41:10; Joshua 1:9). Be assured that God will never leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5) because if God is for us who can be against us? (Romans 8:31).


Rev. Phughoto Aye, Director NDO

Rev. Dr. Yehevi Jimo

Rev. Dr. Khehovi Shohe, Executive Secretary, SBAK

Rev. Dr. Kavito Zhimo, Principal, TTC

Rev. Helkath Kappo, Mission Director, WSBAK

Rev. Vitoshe Swu, ES, WSBAK

Dr. Hukashe Zhimomi, A/Dean, TTC

Rev. Inaho Swu, Pastor, SBC Dimapur

Rev. Yevito Zhimomi, Pastor SBC Zunheboto

Dr. Hesheto Y. Chishi, Director, ICSC, Dimapur

Rev. Hevukhu Achumi, Director, SBC

Sumi Concerned Church Leaders (SCCL)


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