SVC reacts

6th Jan. 2008 NPN

This rejoinder is issued to clarify a press release under the caption “127 households join Congress” published in some local newspapers on 29 December, 2007 which was baseless, unfounded and heaps of brazen lies being reported by an ex-village Chairman and a few frustrated youth purported to deceive and stray some ignorant electors under 12 Tseminyu A/c to their elusive haven of black pit.

The public under 12 Tseminyu AlC in particular should note the following facts for clarification:

1. The so called ex-village Chairman Sendenyu is a mere citizen who hastily tendered his- resignation when public general meeting was in progress an just when he was about to be impeached for his anti village activities and inefficiency in May, 2007. He is a loner, a chameleon and a man of low principle who often changes his color from one candidate to another candidate when cheap opportunity comes in hand even at the eleven hour. Nobody ever know to which candidate he cast his vote in favour. It should be noted by one and all that his other quality resembles Igo, a villain in Shakespeare’s play, Othello. Such negative person has no influence and right to lead people or decide the destiny of humble citizens who longed for an honest leader and a better society.

2. Thongsünyu village is an offshoot of Sedenyu. The two villages are brothers in flesh and blood either in storm or sunny days. Just as where water flows fishes swims, the two brothers are invariably separable. Their village council Chairman Gwanyü Kemp is not a foolish captain who would sail with his people in a rudderless boat which would never reach a shore. Whoever illegally uses his name and position for cheap propaganda to mislead people gains nothing but himself is a thorough fool and need to consult a psychiatrist.

3. Let the two lone leaders – the so called ex-village Chairman, and a lone G.B of Sendenyu New decide their own fate by joining out-dated and discarded Congress Candidate but not usurp general public voice for cheap and temporal benefits.

4. As for Congress candidate, he dares to enter the Village gate of Sendenyu, Sendenyu New and Thongsünyu Village because of misappropriated funds allotted and sweat of the Villagers in his two terms as Cabinet Minister during Congress regime. How long he would remain stationed at a Hotel at N.H. 61 (Botsa) and pass out his election campaign messages through two or three frustrated followers, thus claiming 127 households? Our Village gate is open to every candidate despite severe injustice meted out to the poor people in the past.

5. Chogin Range comprises seven villages. These Villages are the most neglected area under Tseminyu Sub-Division. We have learnt enough lessons from the past many elections and agony of life. Hence, the people of this range inall seriousness decided to stand firm and solid behind an honest, experienced and energetic youth, Er. Levi Magh to represent the Rengmas in Nagaland Legislative Assembly to look after and fulfill our long cherished hope and dreams.

6. There was no such public joint meeting of the erstwhile JD(U), N.P.F and Congress party workers held ‘to deliberate on the party high command’s stand to issue NPF ticket to R. Khing and due to some high functionaries financing and openly supporting another candidate as stated in the press release. If the statement in quote is not confusing and true, then that speaks loud and clear of the integrity and credibility of an elected legislature in the DAN Government. Therefore, his integrity and credibility as an elected legislature in the DAN Government can best be summed up by quoting from the Bible ” As you sow, so shall you reap”


Shwesübu Khing, Chairman

Sendenyu Village Council

Yhusinlo Semp, GB

Tenyenlo Kemp GB

Kesinlo Kent GB


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