Unification’ cannot be defiled

Opinion > January 7, 2008 – NPN

Peace and reconciliation through Naga Unification is nothing new in Nagalim. What has stood on the way is the national principle that cannot be compromised. This is to drive home the point that the NSCN/ GPRN is never against the common national agenda of Naga Unification.

This achievement will be the biggest blessing for the Nagas, if ever succeeded, whoever may take the initiative. But knowing complexities involved in processing the thorny road to unification an approach with conviction and embracing the collective interest of all Nagas should have been boldly attempted. Behaving in the manner of a thief on the issue of the magnitude of Naga unification is too vile in the true sense of the issue that has plagued Nagas for years.

One cannot defile the sweet sounding name of “Unification” by choosing the road bereft of moral standard, norms and ethics that civilized the political culture of today. Anything to Naga unification deviating from this pragmatic approach is doomed to meet failure, and simply quoting biblical verses by church leaders after the damage has been done will not keep resuscitate the premature death of Naga unification which was practically death from the start.

Under the circumstances, NSCN cannot help pointing out the unification initiated by the so-called “Black Sheep” of the society that has taken the role of national workers under compelling circumstances but refusing to learn even after committing to serve and defend the national interests. Disgraced and dismissed, Kilo Kilonser Azheto Chophy was habited defector, so is his friend Kiyekhu who was holding the post of Dy.Kilonser, Keya (Defense). After all “birds of the same feather flocked together” It is unthinkable for these unprincipled persons to initiate on Naga unification. The way they arrogantly stood, their grounds leave nothing to doubt that these persons are motivated by some other sectarian interest other then Naga interest.

Azheto and his accomplices in order to give shade of seriousness collaborated with Western Sumi Hoho (WSH). But at the end of the day the presence of WSH, and even Sumi Hoho failed to lend the initiative a dignity and credibility they desperately tried to establish.

Having started on the platform without foundation, the unification team failed to charm the right thinking and good meaning societies of the Nagas, because wrong steps taken can never justify the means to an end. A thief can never justify saying that he is doing for the interest of his society.

The overbearing manner of Sumi Hohos president Hokishe Yeptho is a thing to be kept in mind, for he is indulging in damning criticism against the NSCN Chairman Ino Isak Chishi Swu. This will be taken as an exceptional case by NSCN as Kakishe’s attack on NSCN Chairman will be interpreted as an insult to the Naga Nation. On the issue of Naga unification there is not a slightest deviation on the part of the Chairman to deserve somebody of the stature of Sumi Hoho president to cast aspersion on Isak Chishi Swu’s integrity in defense of Naga national interest.





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