WSYF on unification

The Western Sumi Youth Front would like to express sincere appreciation to the cadres of different Naga Revolut-ionary Factions for deciding to unify in order to cease bloodshed and fratricidal killings in Nagaland. The Youth Front fully supports the initiatives undertaken by different Naga NGOs. The Youth Front would like to salute the GB’s and DB’s Forum of Nagaland, the Sumi Hoho and the Western Sumi Hoho for ushering in unification which had always been the dreams of every Naga citizen. The Youth Front is of clear conscience that the Herculean task undertaken by the different NGOs is purely to stop bloodshed and fratricidal killings in Nagaland and, therefore, should not be twisted into communal issue.

The Youth Front further appeals to all factions to maintain utmost restraint in order to prevent additional bloodshed in Western Sumi inhabited areas in particular and Nagaland in general. In this regard, the Youth Front urges every Naga to stay alert and ready to intervene and defuse in case of an emergence of any untoward situation that may lead to more senseless fratricide.

In clarification to the allegation published by the NSCN (I-M)that the WSYF is collecting arms and ammunition from arm dealers in Dimapur, the Youth Front strongly disown the baseless allegation. The Western Sumi Youth Front in an organization which is formed with a sole intention to protect and preserve our traditions and its heritage and to maintain cordial relationship with all tribes. Therefore, the Youth Front appeals to the authorities of the NSCN (I-M) not to issue such article to malign the good reputation of the Front. The Front would also like to assure the NSCN (I-M) that the WSYF is not an adversary of the NSCN (I-M) rather, the Youth Front has always upheld it as a responsible outfit.


Kakiye Zhimo, president,

Mughavi Chishi, press secy,

Western Sumi Youth Front


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