WSYF reacts to NSCN (IM)

3rd Jan. 2008

The Western Sumi Youth Front would like to express strong resentment over the allegations made by the MIP NSCN (IM) in some local daily dated December 29′ 2007 last. Terming the allegations, ‘Arms collection and imparting trainings to Sumi Youth Front’ as baseless and false, the youth front asks the NSCN (IM) not to stoop so low as to be spreading such cheap propagandas. The youth front further asks the outfit to furnish proof and evidences and let the people judge.

While re-affirming its support to the unification, the youth front would like to make the people realize the peaceful atmosphere that has prevailed during this Christmas and New Year which should be considered as a significant change the people have witnessed only after the unification. It was a festive season without killings and bloodshed after a long spell which has always been a longing aspiration of the Nagas and it should continue.

Further, the youth front appeal to all factions to unify in the larger interest of the Naga people. However, it cautions that it shall no tolerate any more bloodshed and shall not remain a mute spectator should any factional encounter takes place in the Western Sumi Region, rather, it shall do every thing possible to prevent any untoward incident and at the same time condemn any group that is found guilty.

The youth front also urges the Western Sumi Youths to be vigil and to report any suspicious activity within the Western Sumi jurisdiction which might be an element to disturb the cordial and the peaceful atmosphere.


K. Kakiye Zhimomi


Mughavi Chishi

Press secretary


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