Aliens trying to relegate indigenous Nagas

23rd Jan. 2008 NPN

It is natural that in any conflict, political, social, or economic etc. there would always be a section that scheme to benefit out of turmoil.

Such is the fact that some section of the Nagas, specially from Manipur State are vehemently opposing the on going Naga unification for obvious reasons, that they need and want to continue to exploit the situation using the banner of Naga Nationalism.

It is an undeniable fact that these sections has for decades exploited natural, economic, social, political and human resources of the Nagas for their imperialistic ambitions.

Nagas have forcibly been subject to pawns and tools with the barrel of gun, our homes and hearths have been invaded and our culture of honesty, respect, dignity and brotherhood defiled.

The aliens in the guise of Naga nationalism has forcibly occupied our land and is trying to relegate the indigenous Nagas to a status of slaves in our own homeland.

Our voices choked, rights deprived, freedom censored and fraternity destroyed, so that, they continue to flourish and prosper at the expense of Naga peril, these sections are only plotting to subjugate the Nagas in order to prolong their despotic hold over the Nagas.

Considering the present turmoil in the Naga country, it is discerned that, the immediate threat to the Naga unification emanates from within (Hebron Camp) and convincingly at the behest of our sole adversary.

If the present Naga unification is to be dubbed as back door, unprincipled, un-mandated and anti-national, does it also imply that stand of Naga Hoho, ENPO, NBCC, Nagaland DB’S and GB’S forum including Sumi Hoho and hosts of Naga civil bodies are anti-Naga for the reason that they propagate and support the on going Naga unification? Is killings and bloodsheds the National principle or the front door policy of Naga unification as being advocated by dubious characters camping at Hebron?

How long must the Nagas subscribe to the shrouded ideologies and divisive policies of such section that assert and practice violence and fratricides as the means to subjugate the entire Nagas on the pretext of Naga Nationalism?

We query thus, dear Hebron Campers, kindly spell out as to what is your so claimed front door or national principle for Naga unification?

The Nagas have borne enough pains and sufferings on the course of our sojourn for sovereignty and we no more ask for war but peace and unification, therefore should Naga unification be a stumbling block to your tribal and materialistic ambitions, kindly leave us alone or face the wrath of the Nagas.

“Bloom where you are planted rather than be enticed by greed for conquest over neighbor’s possession, for in the end you’d be driven back to where you belong and even be deprived of everything you rightfully own”


Publicity Cell,



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