Kidnapping spree

18th Jan. 2008 NPN

For the restraint exercised by NSCN, the 2007 Christmas and New Year celebration went off peacefully. But the undercurrent of Kidnapping spree resorted by the very group who initiated the infamous unity move caused the damning atmosphere that signal the end of everything on unification, because to the Nagas, unity can never be processed through fraudulent means. Though the Nagas at large are obsessed with unification, anyone who has the temerity to initiate unity through the backdoor is gambling with eternal damnation. The cowards fear to go through the door opened for all, and the cowards have no place in the sight of God to justify his overbearing actions.

Making a rough-shod of Naga/Tribal groups has not only invited antipathy towards the unification group but has also caused polarization. But the line has been drawn and the faithful national workers of NSCN irrespective of tribal affiliations will carry on the national burden. In the given situation the national principle that has stood the test of time will carry on to serve as the guiding force.

True to the spirit of the Nagas there is nothing to rejoice on the messy affairs of the faded unification move. But the truth has to be defended no matter how much it hurts the people who has chosen to stand on the opposite side, scornful of the people who are ready to stand by the national ideology.

Belligerent was the manner of the unification people, but the message was already clear enough- unification move in the absence of moral integrity will simply end up in smoke. But the purpose has been served for the forces opposed to the genuine Naga unification based on the national principle. Mercenary force in its ugliest form is on the prowl to kidnap the businessmen for ransom. Beware the state government is turning a blind eye to such social evils.





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