Muivah and his national principle Muivah

11th Jan.2008

Nagaland state is not the Gaza strip in rehabilitating certain Nagas from outside of Nagaland. Be known that through the name of Naga nationalism, lakhs of acres of land have been occupied at gun point and palatial buildings established all over Nagaland and particularly, Dimapur has been transformed to fortress and safe heaven by your blood sucking goons for running smuggling of Guns, Marijuana, Heroin, Vehicle theft, kidnapping, extortions, killings, rape, and all other sorts of anti-social upheavals which were alien to the Nagas until the advent of Muivah and his blood thirsty followers. Go Home! Muivah and brothers! There is no space for you over here! You can no more keep the Nagas at ransom. Your principle and ideology can no longer take the Nagas for a ride. We do not need your Amsterdam, UN, UNPO, Americas, etc but only peace. Leave us alone please or face the consequences. Dear Tangkhul brothers, how long do you think your tribe should be at the mercy of Muivah’s arrogance, hypocrisy and obstinacy? Ain’t it the right time for your community to speak up and rein over Muivah and his communistic ideology for the sake of the Nagas and our political goal? Isn’t there any sane and bold Tangkhul intellectual or responsible leader to resist the destruction of the tribe and the Nagas merely at the whims of corrupted and egoistic leader in the form of Muivah? Khekuto Yeptho, Dy secy, NSCN (IM)


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