Nonconformists’ hampering unification process

22nd Jan. 2008 NPN

The Nagas are the master of their own political destiny. But unfortunately, few Nagas by virtue of their position in the NSCN/GPRN desperately tried to place the destiny of the Nagas at the mercy of the government of India. And in the covert operation taking the sweet sounding name of Naga Unification few selected Naga national workers with the connivance of some members of civil societies dared to make cheap of Indo-Naga issue by hijacking the Naga unification issue in the manner of a harden criminal trained for the purpose of playing divisive role. The manner of handl-ing the Naga unification was so demeaning that it was like an insult to the Naga people that come from a rogue gene. But in the process it takes no time to expose their true standing and eventually they earned the wrath of the Nagas when the NSCN/GPRN declared them as defectors. Proving them-selves nothing more than stooges of the Indian intelligence agencies they went to the extend of branding themselves as NSCN and rushing to Delhi to get fur-ther direction. The uni-fication group with the confused lot of persons while still proclaiming themselves as working for the Naga unity that encompassed the whole Naga areas that respect no artificial boundaries dropped ‘Nagalim” from their official document and replaced by ‘Nagaland’. This is a cruel insult to the Naga nation at the behest of the Indian intelligence groups to divide the Naga nation under the Indian constitution.

Significantly, an inter-esting development further exposed the belligerent face of the unification and Khaplang group. On 18th of January the residence of Q. Awomi, Director, PWD GPRN, at Burma Camp was rounded up by around 20 members of the combined group with the intention to kill him. The panic stricken children seeing the fully armed boys around the house had a harrowing experienced till the father had a miraculous escape. These people who professed to be working for Naga unification in order to end bloodshed is now targeting the NSCN national workers who refused to toe their line of action to join the unification group. This is another mockery of their unification call to the Nagas who have tolerated all the insult heaped on them in the name of Naga unification. The government of India instigated program taking the issue of Naga unification which the Nagas are so obsessed with met its doom in the scheme of its own making when the very people used finds the ‘unification issue’ too hot to handle.


Issued by MIP/GPRN,



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