Second heaven comes to Naga soil

17th Jan. 2008 NPN

A great significant event in the history of the Nagas on Sovereignty has brought by the Western Sumi Hoho i.e. unification of the Nagas underground factions; movement to totally end bloodshed, killings and to make the Nagas soil a “Paradise of Peace”. Factions Unification was the best medicine to cure the integration of the Nagas Soil, so the bold step taken by the Sumis should be appreciated by one and all. People’s view in NSCN (IM) history was that Sumis and Tangkhuls are the two Tribes, getting lion-share of enjoying privileges and appreciated for Sumis-Tangkhuls good relationship. Coming to the present scenario of a conflict Era, for and against unification, our Tangkhuls brothers must lead others to support ‘Unification Moves’ and let other Naga Tribes to appreciate you. Being a Christian by birth, I came to realize that the said moves were the sign of almighty God, answering the Nagas’ prayers. The salvation of Heaven and earth was born in a small town in Bethlehem, His parents from Nazareth, people denied Him for He came from poor and not from reputed village/though He proclaimed the greatest message, but He brought a great eternal light to the darkness.

Dear fellow Nagas, Undergrounds and Over grounds friends, don’t be amazed because the revolution of peace was brought to the Nagas Soil by the Sumis Tribe but if you think that the factions’ unification will bring eternal peace to the Nagas soil, and then why not come forward like Sumis, in order to heal our wounded land.

After the declaration of the Unification moves, we hear less bad news i.e. Brother killing Brother, in all the Nagas inhabited areas of the North-Eastern States. If you are a peace loving person, turn your position and learn from the present, best situation and fully support the said movement for the real settlement of the protracted Naga issue. My last appeal is that do not search for peace and peacemakers from land outside the Nagas inhabited areas. Beloved Nagas, peace is with us now so let us grow peace in our land and make our land a paradise of peace.


Viyito Sumi




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