The true colour of Th. Muivah

13th Jan. 2008 NPN

At the time when all out efforts are being made by Tribal Hohos, GBs and DBs Associations, Churches, NGOs and Student bodies to bring Nagas under one single umbrella, Th.Muivah has created more and more confusion among the Nagas. His barbaric acts of treason and cowardice has surfaced again which is unauthorized and against the will and desires of the people of Nagaland.

By declaring the so-called Emergency (Military Rule) in Hebron Camp, Th.Muivah has once again shown his true colours by going against the wishes of the Nagas and this act is nothing but a desperate and ugly attempt by his gang to thwart any attempt for Nagas’ unification. The bonafide Naga citizens pays no attention to Th.Muivah’s Military Rule nor Emergency at this juncture as the Nagas today are in the process of unification without any terms and conditions so that the Nagas’ common goal is attained.

It is unfortunate that Th.Muivah has upset the sentiments and wishes of Nagas once again. Instead of opting for Nagas’ unification, he has expressed his desire that there should be more and more killings and bloodshed among the Naga brothers in Nagaland. But Nagas will not allow Th.Muivah to mislead the Nagas to fulfill his own desires nor let him to exercise his unmandated authority.

Nagas have learned through bitter experiences of the past that Th.Muivah is a venomous snake spewing his poison on innocent Nagas in the name of Naga Nationalism. But how long can we allow this serpent to slither free in our own courtyard. It is time that we destroy the serpent so that the Naga society is left unharmed.

By pointing fingers to his former Kilo Kilonser Azheto Chophy for treason, is Th.Muivah trying to further divide the Nagas on communal lines? He is spitting venom on Sumi Frontal Organisations and narrowing down his vengeance to Azheto Chophy as his prime target to further split the Sumi community. How can this individual who is sowing seeds of disharmony even within a particular single community talk of representing the entire Nagas?

The GPRN NSCN takes no seriousness in these desperate acts because the Nagas are with us and we are with the people of Nagaland, all for a good common goal.


Hokato Vusshe


Unified NSCN, GPRN


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