Unification exploited

12th Jan. 2008

The Naga unification is a serious issue for the Nagas. And given the nature of its seriousness some persons and group of civil societies with vested interest tend to exploit the Naga’s obsession with unification by sensationalizing the issue. But again the nature of its seriousness give no room for exploitation to make any impact to undo the hard earned achievement of the Naga political struggle because the obstructionist forces with diabolic communal interest have made the Nagas wiser still and ready to confront such anti-Naga forces with rationalistic approach based on correct principle.

In the matter of Naga unification, any wrong step to undermine the Naga interest by placing communal interest above the Naga national interest will not lead to anywhere except to boomerang on the very communal forces who initiate such move. This is the reality of today and this is the tragic turn of event that the communal civil societies heaped upon themselves with the wrath of Nagas falling on them.

To weaken the NSCN, the Government of India is once again at its ugliest confrontationist stance exploiting the vulnerabilities of some members of certain Naga tribal group. Woe upon the Nagas who join hands with socio-political evils that comes under the sugar-coated unification agenda.

Hideous as the plan is, the Government of India is laughing away in the face of the kidnapping spree by Azheto group. What more evidence is necessary to prove the hands of the government intelligence agencies in master mining the craziest scheme of Naga unification which is horribly shocking to the Nagas, because the whole episode of the faded unification move had been a cruel deception.

Given the sinister exploitation of the sensitive issue of unification among the Nagas, the solution to the Indo-Naga political problem cannot be linked to Naga unification. The issue of political settlement is a matter of national principle that sustained the Naga political movement because unification for the sake of unity will not last long unless there is a clear cut agreement on the political principle. It is a political issue and not a social issue. And Naga cannot allow socio-political evils to undo the 60 years struggle.





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