Unification mess

17th Jan. 2008 NPN

Free-wheeling organization is never and was never the hope of the people in honoring and respecting the national sentiment of the Nagas. The NSCN have always maintained the policy of restraint as far as its relation with Khaplang and other such groups are concerned, lest the blame comes from the people as the aggressor. But the matter may not end there itself when the adversaries who hardly care two hoots about violating any declaration that has to do with public order to maintain peace. No organization worth its salt will go for a headlong clash with people’s interest. But what has happened in the past is regrettable when viewed from the perspective of people’s desired for socio-political order that reflects the Naga people’s aspiration.

It is not too long ago when Azheto group in collaboration with his re-adopted Khaplang group under the command of Maj. Vikato of Khaplang group attacked NSCN’s Naga army Sgt/Maj. Qhevishe with bomb at Kwality Hotel, Dimapur on 8 th Jan. 2008. He barely survived and he is still under treatment at hospital. The undercurrent of resentment towards the restoration of public order as initiated by GBs, DBs is something that cannot remain hidden from public view. The bomb attacked by Khaplang group at the behest of Azheto group could have killed many on the spot but for the protecting hands of God only three of them were injured.

What a mess in the name of Naga unification that started with the abortive attempts to divert the course of Naga unification to serve communal interests.




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