Unification nobody’s business to handle single-handedly

13th Jan. 2008 NPN

The NSCN/GPRN has never been a roadblock to Naga unification. But when an issue of the magnitude of Naga unification is used as a cover up to achieve certain sectarian interest led by individuals with doubtful credentials, it becomes a matter of national disaster. Because a serious issue with time tested complexities is nobody’s business to handle single-handedly.

Unless a conspiracy of highest order is hatched, no individual will go to the extent of using the back door to announce the unification program haphazardly. Further to insult against the peoples’ mandated NSCN is an insult against God. And God forbids using his name in vain.

This reminds the Nagas when some senior church leaders of the Sumi community throw their weight in favor of Azheto and proclaimed him a hero in the name of God. Defectors and traitors are shouting the agenda of Naga unification; parroting the slogan of anti-integration only to please their mentor. Such persons will ingrain prejudices against their own Naga brethren across the Indian created state of Nagaland initiating the national agenda of Naga unification and revealing no less than the deep conspiracy masterminded by Indian masters to wreck the Naga political status in the context of the ongoing Indo-Naga political talks.

To make the Naga people clear on Naga unification, it is not the business of habitual defectors like Azheto, Kiyekhu and others to harbor on the agenda. They cannot play fool with the people’s sentiment that is emotionally attached with decades of Nagas’ struggle for JustPeace.

Nagas have been taught to be up against the viciousness of divisive plans like those initiated by Azheto and some members of Western Sumi Hoho and other Hohos by way of hijacking the national sentiments with their sugar-coated Naga unification propaganda.

The government of India in more than one occasions admittedly exhibited that the Khaplang/SC. Jamir is their brainchild, so created to serve as a counterforce against the NSCN. And today this futile attempt is made again using Azheto and the likes to weaken the NSCN and Naga people’s aspiration thereby counter- weighing the course of the Indo-Naga political talks. This is the reality of Azheto’s game plan that has been tabled and deliberated for months.

For the reason of national rights and dignity in defense of the national principle, the present scheme of things on unification stands rejected by NSCN. Related to this national stand is the integrity of the Sumis in the NSCN, Naga Army as well as in the Civil set-up who remain steadfastly loyal to the cause of the Nation.


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