Venomous attack on communal line by unification forces-

24th Jan. 2008 NPN

To the Nagas, unification call has come as a cruel deception, because in the name of Naga unification the forces behind the unification initiative never speak the language of unification other than uttering venomous attack on communal line. That was the beginning of the downfall and the premature damnation of the false preachers of unification. Because the Nagas are no longer naïve to be fooled by such sweet sounding slogan of Naga unification without finding any reflection in the ground reality. The ground reality shows nothing more than parochialism and communalism, and that too in a very belligerent manner. But the Nagas are no fool, not to question the hypocrisy and the diabolic program behind the façade of Naga unification. Because as much as the communal sentiments the forces behind the unification have, the greater is the national sentiments of the Nagas who voiced their stand against unification on communal line and away from the concept of Nagalim. This is the crux of the issue. Otherwise, there is no single group of Nagas who is against Naga unification. This also goes to show that for the love of Nagalim, the Nagas are so obsessed with unification. But for the wrong approach or exploitation of this obsession, this sensitive national agenda remains elusive.

Motivated by the spirit of goodness for the society they represent there is no reason why Nagas civil societies like Naga Hoho, ENPO, NBCC, Nagaland GBs and DBs forum including the Sumi Hoho should not be obsessed with Naga unification if carried out in good spirit. Nagas should never undermine the role of these civil societies and NSCN attached special place of importance to them because people’s movement should respect people’s representative bodies. But one should not go to the extent of misguiding them on such issue of national magnitude. Tracking their names in the wrong course will only boomerang in due course of time.

There is no denying of the fact about the Nagas having suffered enough in the post many years. But the pain and hardship does not mean selling our right and making a mockery of our principle. The Nagas have earned respect and honor in the national and international for tenaciously defending the Naga national principle.


Issued by: MIP/GPRN, NSCN (IM)


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