Unification process inclusive of all Nagas

27th Jan.2008 NPN

Persisting insistence on National principle as the basis of unification is indeed convincing. The desire and longing of Naga people to unite, stop fratricides and mindless killings among the Nagas and to take forward peace process and peaceful dialogue with the Government of India in itself is the interest of all the Nagas. If unity of the Nagas is to be dubbed as anti-national and against the principle of the Nagas, does it opine that bloodshed and killings is the Naga national principle?

The past efforts to usher in peace and unity among the Nagas by apex Naga bodies have been in vain due to dictated national principle. The professed national principle under the conditions that Nagas from other camps should unconditionally surrender to the I-M camp could not be accepted by the rest and thus, all peace initiatives were fractured. Illusive proclamations of national amnesty, peace, reconciliation and unity tainted by cold blooded fratricides, threats and intimidations to Naga leaders abiding by their so-called national principle prevailed.

Taking into account of the senseless killings in the name of nationalism and a need to end the carnage the Nagaland GBs and DBs forum, Sumi Hoho and Western Sumi Hoho with the consultation and consent of Chairmen Isak Chishi Swu, S.S. Khaplang and Brig. (Retd) Singya, Naga Hoho, ENPO, NBCC and federating churches, the ongoing unification process renewed with further momentum.

Subsequently, this initiative was received with wide participation, applaud and support from public bodies like (to name few) Eastern Naga Students’ Federation, Youth Association of Nagai, Chakhesang Public Organisation, Naga Mothers Association, Kuki National Organisation, Konyak Union, Yimchunger Tribal Council, Southern Naga Union of Nagaland State, Kuki Inpi Nagaland, Eastern Naga National Workers Association, Rights watchdog Senepati so on and so forth.

After prolonged internecine confrontations, the Nagas have finally been relieved from the path of self-destruction.

However, the anti-unification forces have all along been trying to incite sectarianism to derail peace and unification process against the wishes of the Nagas.

Regardless of such forces at work, it is highly commendable that the bold step taken by the peace initiators has created a historical landmark thus halting killings and bloodsheds.

Accordingly, without any imposed conditions and in response to the clarion call of the Nagas for unification and reconciliation, the leaders and workers from two NSCN and NNC/FGN unified and are striving further and harder to ensure total unification of all the Nagas across party, artificial imposed boundaries or differences.

As a result of ongoing unification effort, killings and bloodsheds have been stopped except for principled killings by anti-unification forces in the name of national principle.

To set the record straight, our national principle is based on broad-based support and participation of the Nagas and thus it is our bounden duty to respect and reciprocate the desire of the Nagas to unite and peacefully pursue our common goal.

It is thus transparent, that, the ongoing unification process is inclusive of all the Nagas and is guided by the spirit of national unity and reconciliation.

Publicity Cell,



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