Base of Naga unification

29th Jan. 08 NPN

Time and again the GPRN/NSCN has clearly clarified its stand on Naga unification vis-à-vis the demands of the Naga people to end senseless hostility and bloodsheds among the Nagas.

The on-going Naga unification derives its strength from the support of the people. It is based on the solid foundation of trust, faith and confidence as reposed among different social, tribal and political institutions of the Nagas including workers from different revolutionary groups mutually agreeing in good faith and in the true spirit of National reconciliation and unification to stop internecine fratricides and mindless killings.

It is only the headstrong and self-centered individuals taking refuge at Hebron, for their selfish manias, are desperately trying to hijack the Naga unification and thus arrogantly ignoring the call of the Nagas to unite.

In the history of any Nation across the globe, we find no Nation whose national principle is based on divisionism, hatred, killings and suppression of their own people and no national principle that go against the popular wish of the people.

The popular wish and demand of the Nagas to restore peace, unity, fraternity, dignity and oneness in the Naga country is the sole basis and conviction upon which the principle of Naga unification is founded and would be carried forward with the same mandate.

If the initiative undertaken by apex Naga organizations like Naga Hoho, NBCC, ENPO, NMA and various apex tribal hohos, students etc is to be derided and condemned as devoid of moral integrity, does it imply that those stationed at Hebron and opposing the Naga unification alone possess moral integrity to initiate Naga unification.

The entire Nagas cannot be held at ransom by vested sectarian preachers and the future of the Nagas cannot further be put at stake merely for self-gratification of such elements.


Publicity Cell, GPRN/NSCN.


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