Congress : Destroyer of democracy

28th Jan. 08 NPN

According to Mahatma Gandhi, the Congress Party was set-up and formed solely with the motive to win Independence; and after achieving its goals, it was to be dissolved. Unfortunately, nobody followed Mahatma Gandhi’s advice. After the assassination of Gandhi, the same Congress Party which took part in achieving India’s Independence formed the first Government under the leadership of J. Nehru who himself was the faithful disciple of Papu. I suppose, Nehruji, the first Prime Minister had intentionally failed to fulfill his obligations to the father of Nation if he was a true follower of Mahatma. The Great Bharat, what we proudly say, “Hamara Bharat Mahan!” the misbehaviour and ignorance by past politicians have crushed the character of our mother India to the ground. Just for the sake of the very word ‘Congress’ associating with Indian Independence, Congress party was able to remain dear to the public and dominated the political scene of India for about 30 years. National Unity and Integration was merely neglected for the welfare of a particular party’s advantage by a handful of so-called selfish and stubborn heads of the Nation. And the Party because of this bad beginning continues to possess central image among all others brainwashing the latter generation with false comments.

It was in 1977, the first non-congress government came to power in India. It was of great loss to the Nagas that Father Gandhiji was killed. Had our National father Gandhi not died, even we the Nagas would have been today in a different position, condition and one among the many developed ones among the many developed Nations in the map of technologically advanced world.

Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of free India, who according to Mahatma Gandhiji was one the most faithful, sincere and capable follower of his doctrines in the fight for Indian Independence had nevertheless betrayed and intentionally buried alive the wishes of Nagas in general and his obligation to the father of Nation. And then the political scenario of India rapidly changes from bad to worse due to the prevalence of unwanted party named ‘Congress’ which was supposed to disappear right after Indian attained freedom.

Every time there is crisis in the Political Management of the Nation, a horde of experts swarm in decrying the pattern of Democracy, based on the British System, demanding its replacement by the Presidential Form as functioned in the United States.

According to a noted Constitutionalist, the situation of the Congress Government at the Centre, is occasionally rocked by internal dissension, sometimes triggering the strokes solely on the assumption that if the nation is administered by a president, directly elected and free from the bonds of political support from the diverse parties/groups which are represented in the Parliament, the maladies which nag the nation will vanish. When Mrs Gandhi was exposed to dramatic and traumatic uncertainties of emergency days, it was then argued that when she was not speaking on her own, her plea was a surrogate advocacy on behalf of her leaders.

There have been instances where much hullabaloo was made from time to time and put forth during all the Gandhi’s Government.

With Mrs Indira Gandhi and her generation in power, the Constitution began undergoing frequent changes. Once the Legislature learnt what the Constitution though said and sacrificed could still be moulded and twisted and shaped to suit the mood and tempo of the ruling élan, and the assault on the Constitution could turn into an avalanche. Under Gandhi’s regimes, Nagas have been treated with President Rule which signifies a step motherly towards her children.

But to the majority of common people specially the States of North-East and some other few states; the Presidential system is nothing but a commendable perfection. Just lend your ears to the sorrowful experiences the forefathers underwent in the past during the imposition of President Rule including some neighbouring states. The torture, rapes, burning houses, raping and playing the chastity of Naga Feminine gender will never be erased from their memories. Till today, it pains them whenever they hear the Phrase, “President Rule” and take them back to the past-horrible times in the hands of heartless Indian Army. The Popular phrase ‘President Rule’ still haunts many of our poor fellow Naga villagers.

However, even today, some selfish and personal interest-minded politicians within the family circle and people like I. Imkong, the chief of opposition Congress; despite knowing how Nagas went through, has successful brought the anti-Naga phrase again by hook and crook. The Congress Party under the Influence of I. Imkong creatively conspired their own Mother to the stranger to serve his party’s immediate interest in the coming 5th March 2008 General election. But people are well aware of what, why and how of all his actions and reactions. His ultimate greed and desire to possess the Chief Minister’s power at the mercy of our ignorant people are the factors that compelled him to behave in this manner. He had tried to grab power through backdoor but soon will be exited by the intellectuals’, unemployed youths of the state through the right door of DEMOCRACY.

We don’t need outdated and merciless representatives who look upon their term as their personal chiefs. We will and we can over those politicians who look upon their terms in office as the times when the Sun shines in their life who make hay. The eyes of the Naga people have been opened and are no more going to meander into the morass of degeneration .The educated youth had explored the inner truths and the ideology of Hitler-like politicians who rule with pointed finger. The very much hurting sentence professed by a certain meanest Congress candidate, “Let the rich get richer and the poor poorer so that the poor will serve the richer and earn daily bread’ is more than enough for people to digest their actual ideology, for this is beyond the arena of politics and it is against the law of Humanity.

We need honest politicians. We want people who do not look upon office for their own interest. We need honest and brave men. They must be selfless, unaffected by the trapping of the office, dedicated to the service of the people. We want young and dynamic leaders who can move ahead with the fast changing world of information and who concerned for the welfare of his people. The educated unemployed youths and the victims of the outdated politicians need not to give one up to despair. For there is hope and that hope can be attained from the leadership of people who are young, strong, brave and dynamic like Former Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, Thenucho, Tunyi, Neiba, Kronu, Azo etc. who are always there to help people not only under their respective Constituency but willing to lend their helping hand from other constituencies as well. The wise, brilliant and matured youths will determine and transformed the visions of every downtrodden. Our dreams will be fulfilled. They are here working quietly, silently, in their chosen walk of life and those are non other than you and I, the educated unemployed youths of the State. We will and we can.


M. Kapfo, W. Sami, Press Cell, Area Youth Wing

16 Pfütsero NPF AC.


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