Muivah’s politics not in the interest of the Nagas

Muivah’s politics not in the interest of the Nagas  9th feb.08

Sensing frustration from being alienated by the Nagas, Th. Muivah has started playing factional politics by involving “ism” into Naga National movement. By terming NSCN leader Azheto Chophy and other leaders who were joint signatories for unification as habitual defectors, it is clear that Muivah is dead against Naga unification. After all the efforts made by the different factions and Naga civil society and frontal organizations to end bloodshed and killings among the Nagas, Th. Muivah has gifted the families of 6 (six), the dead bodies of their loved ones in Mokukchung, Dimapur and Phek. Muivah boasts of taking the Naga issue to the International level as well, but instead of playing factional politics, he should instead talk of Naga sovereignty. The Nagas made him a leader to speak for the Nagas, but even after several rounds of talks he has had with India, he still fails to spell out the Charter of Demands to the Nagas.

If Th. Muivah is at all, a true Naga leader, why would he involve in the Indian-sponsored elections as he has been doing in the past? The NSCN, GPRN has enough proof and evidence that he and his gang is actively supporting a political party in the coming elections in order to gain his interests.

Muivah and his gang is blaming the unification group for being involved in kidnapping, extortion and illegal collections in order to cover up his anti-Naga activities through the media. But instead, he should pinpoint the actual facts, the involvement of his own erring cadres before throwing allegations on others.

Muivah should know that the Nagas’ desire for unity is being realized and the GBs, DBs forum, tribal frontal organizations are working earnestly towards achieving this long felt need of the Nagas. But why is he violating his own Chairman, Isak Chishi Swu’s desire for unity and reconciliation among the Nagas. Every Naga knows that Isak Chishi Swu’s proclamations and declarations are being overruled and played down by Th. Muivah and that Muivah’s politics is purely not in the interest of the Nagas. It should be the endeavour of all Nagas, irrespective of tribes, community or social organizations to support the unification process and as leaders of the Naga Nation, people like Th. Muivah should not defile the aspirations of the Nagas.


Hokato Vusshe, spokesman, Unified NSCN.


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