Rejoinder to ‘Congress: Destroyer of democracy’

Rejoinder to ‘Congress: Destroyer of democracy’ 30th Jan. 08 NPN

It is really surprising to see some people totally contra-dicts with the reality of Congress party, just for the sake of gaining publicity and slandering the image of the people’s popular party. Of course, they have their right to freedom of speech and expression and we respect it. Congress has always been and is open to criticism provided it has to be positive. But, since the aforementioned article is a total product of frustration and narrow vision, it is my humble duty to enlighten its creators and all the minds that have been polluted by this foul propaganda, and to give them the truth and nothing but the truth.

The formation of the Congress was the ultimate need of the pre-independent India and not a mere creation of a political party. The Indians suffered and they were crippled every single minute under the oppression of the mighty British regime. The people fought boldly but do not match for the strongly organised and politically matured Britishers. Centuries of suppression had overshadowed all hopes of the ignorant and poor Indians. Then the people started to realise that fighting with muscular strength would never do. The situation demanded an organised and modern organisation based on intelligence and unity to cope with the then most advanced Empire. It was the wisdom and courage of the Indians combined with their thirst for freedom, honour and self-determination that gave birth to the first organised political front of India, namely Indian National Congress, in the year 1885 A.D. Since then, this people’s party has rendered innumerable and tireless valuable services to the nation till date. And, it is only because of the love and support of the people that Congress is prospering and serving for 123 years till this very day.

It is a fact that Nagas suffered immeasurable pain and loss during the past when President’s Rule was imposed in Nagaland and it shall be always condoled by one and all forever. But the present imposition of President’s Rule in Nagaland is nothing of such sort. It is a simple and clear development that has been constitutionally initiated only because DAN government was voted out of power in the recently held no-confidence motion. Hence the responsibility of running the administration of the state has been handed over to the governor and the bureaucratic setup temporarily, till the completion of the soon about to be held general election. Of course, the state shall be accredited with additional security forces but they will be hare only to ensure free and fair polls and not to caste votes or capture booths in favour of Congress. So any political party need not worry about that. But it’s shocking to see some political parties exaggerate this topic so much just to foully gain the people’s sympathy, misusing this topic as their polls’ campaign banner. But the people are not blind and are wise enough to judge for themselves. So, I need not speak another word on this matter. This is democracy and people will get what they want. Lastly, I would like to remind all the concerned that it is the NPF that is in alliance with the biggest anti-democracy party (BJP) and not Congress. So, before calling Congress a destroyer of democracy, please note and study the actual facts.


Paul Angami, Secretary,

District Youth Congress, Dimapur.


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