Unification: Disastrous misadventure

Unification: Disastrous misadventure  6th feb.08 NPN

Where is the face of the Naga Civil Soci-eties that belongs to certain community who connived with Azheto gang in the name of Naga Unification? Where is their moral integrity today, and where are they heading for after the disastrous misadventure on unification taking the Nagas for a ride? Where are the church leaders who have proclaimed Azheto as a hero, and blessing him as their savoiur that has come from the back door? The spate of abductions for ransom by Azheto gang has not pricked their conscience the least, and even killing for failure to pay up the ransom have so far failed to move the church leaders and members of these civil societies. This is tantamount to supporting the Azheto gang as partner-in-crime but to earn the wrath of God and the Naga people. For these are the same people who shouts for Naga unification by even going all the way to organize public rally in Dimapur and Zunheboto for Naga unification. It was an overbearing show of seriousness without anything worth to prove their integrity in the ground reality. Because whereas their ring leaders Azheto is sticking to the name of NSCN with exploitative motive the letter head under NSCN read ‘National Socialist Council of Nagalim’. Is this not a deception to the whole Nagas? Who are they trying to fool in the name of Naga unification? Are the Nagas so naïve to be carried away by such hallow and anti-national gimmick? This is the most dangerous gamble for the heck of money and other sectarian interests. To the Nagas, Nagalim signifies the realistic spirit of oneness in principle.

For all practical purpose the Vihokhu Camp of Azheto gang is the epicenter of all socio-economic crimes committed in Dimapur. SS Deputy Kilonser Akato Chophy, Isak Sumi and Akato Sumi, son-in-law of Nihoto Chishi are masterminding the abduction spree for ransom. This in turn has encouraged other members of the Azheto gang to go on the prowl in same fashion to kidnap businessmen. And these are the people who keep parroting their master’s bidding on unification. Is this not in reality nothing more than devils unification? For the devils are master of disguise in every respect. Nagas in turn have learnt the lesson the hard way but never too late to salvage the national damage caused by the devilish gang of Azheto who was brought to the Naga national scene in the incarnation of national worker.




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