NSCN (IM) on CAO’s abduction

NSCN (IM) on CAO’s abduction 5th Feb. 08

Not surprisingly the Azheto group is issuing denial statement that they are not involved in the spate of abductions going on in Dimapur. Such statement is not at all surprising from the mouth of the traitors who desperately tried to hoodwink the Nagas but to face miserably due to the absence of national principle and moral integrity in the course of their misadventure.

As part of the Azheto group’s sinister game plan they enacted the abduction of CAO of Union Territory-1 of NSCN, Tokishe Swu in order to fabricate his involvement in the abduction cases. Naturally, Tokishe Swu was shocked to see his name being dragged into the mess of abductions by Azheto group. Tokishe while strongly denying his role in such anti-social crime refuted the claim of the Azheto group that he confirmed his involvement in the abduction cases. Tokishe has always been in Hebron and hardly went out of station. Tokishe also admitted that while he was in the hands of the Azheto group after his abduction he was never asked on the abduction cases and was therefore out of the blue that his name has been pulled in by Azheto group to hide their crimes.

For the same reason Maj. Viyito Chishi’s name was brought into the picture of abduction to serve the purpose of diverting people’s attention from the real culprits, who are Azheto’s group. Major Viyito though discomforted by such dirty allegation expresses pity to the Azheto group for indulging in such cheap and unfounded allegation to defame him for his steadfastness and loyalty to the cause of the nation.




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