Develop spirit of forgiveness

To pave the way for rec-onciliation and unifi-cation among different Naga factions, let us all try to create the spirit of forgiveness in our personal life. Forgiveness occupies highest place in human endeavor for re-union without which reconciliation and unification cannot be possible. We must try to create sufficient rooms in our minds for accommodating other friends. To achieve real reconciliation and unification, one must seek forgiveness from all oppositions and people whom he hurt/wounded socially or politically.

I am quite sure that, many of write ups and expressions might have hurt the sentiments of many people including the leaders of I-M and Naga NGOs for which I am tendering apology seeking unconditional forgiveness from them. I wish in future, they will not create any atmosphere where condemnation and criticism falls upon them. I wish, I should not write anything condemning and maligning any faction, particularly, NCSN (I-M). However, I want them to change their mind shed to suit other Naga friends. Reconciliation and Unification does not mean surrendering of one faction before the other faction but coming together in the spirit of forgive and forget the past mistakes to form a single organization/government or at least to come to an understanding.

Our leaders should change their mind shed to broaden the sense of oneness by removing tribalism, individualism and chauvinism. I believe, ‘love’ is the only remedial to do away with all forms of selfishness and ‘ism. I wish, I should not be the citizen of a particular tribe other than simple Naga citizen or freedom fighter nor should I know what clan I belong to. Therefore, I humbly request all Nagas to look at me as a simple Nagas citizen. I am so sorry that, my expressions might have hurt the sentiment or Interest of my senior leaders NSCN (K) set up for which I am seeking their forgiveness. Due to frankness and as an out spoken personality, my expressions might have definitely wounded my senior leaders who have already sacrificed many years in National service before I joined the National movement. I exceptionally prayed that, I may be forgiven.

Unification is a thing all Nagas longing for. Few months ago, there were counter and counter attack, condemnation and accusation for unification move carried out by Azheto and his group. I wish, what ever the nature of unification might be, carried out by Azheto must be nourished and take care of by all the Nagas for the benefit of entire Nagas. The desertion of former Kilo Kilonser of the NSCN (IM) from Hebron camp might be a highest form of Crime for NSCN (I-M), yet it politically benefited the Nagas particularly different faction’s camps who could meet one another after the many years of senseless wars.

In fact, the said unification gave me a great chance to meet many brothers and friends of different Naga factions. The cease-fire agreement signed on 7th December’07 under the aegis of Nagaland DBs/GBs was between two NSCNs and it was nothing to do with Azheto and his group. However some people condemned the said unification move, it created an atmosphere where cease-fire between two NSCNs had been signed for the first time. Instead of condemning them (Azheto’s group), all Naga must contribute their best thoughts to achieve total/broad base unification out of present move. Azheto’s group has not only deserted I-M Hebron camp but also has not joined the NSCN (K) too. However, I believed, he (Azheto) is in contact with all the Nagas NGO leaders and NSCN (K) leaders. I wish, he should maintain equal-closeness with even NSCN (I-M) leaders. Even I-M leaders should contribute their best thoughts to Azheto who seems to be very a simple person, instead of attacking him in different corners. We all must appreciate him for breaking the ice. I humbly request everyone not to give any rejoinder or counter attack to this write up because it is only my thinking and not commanding anybody but simply requesting all to reason together for our own good.

Regarding state general election I wish, since all the 60 (Sixty) Assembly seats has to be filled by the Nagas alone, no faction should involve in favor of or against any particular political party. In the past, I-M faction have been blamed for their openly supported the particular political party and equally blamed DAN government for openly sponsoring the I-M faction, but I wish any Naga faction openly supporting particular political party is a crime because such activities narrow down the sacred cause. We must differentiate between state politic and National politic. Let the state politicians play state politic while National leaders lead the Naga People in National Movement and those who leads the Nation should be so careful because they are in highest place who should treat all equally. But mutual understanding between the state politicians and National leaders is most important to build the Nation. State politicians, church leaders and NO leaders should bring all different factions together instead of supporting particular faction against other faction. Let us reason together and come out together with open minds to build confidence and trust among us for our own good.

Y. Wangtin Naga,

Dy. Kilonser,

Ministry of Kilo (Home) affairs, GPRN/NSCN (K).


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