Mute spectators

It is very unfortunate that people who have been shouting for peace and unity have remained mute spectators to the ongoing spate of terrorist activities in Dimapur by the so called “NSCN (Unification)” led by defector, Azheto Chophy.

When Dimapur is heading for an abnormal situation with the ongoing kidnapping, ransom and extortion by the members of Azheto’s terror gang, where are Sumi Hoho, Western Sumi Hoho and Sumi church leaders who have been claiming as champion of peace and unity among the Naga groups.

While welcoming the peace and unity process initiated by the Sumi organizations, I want them to be pragmatic in their approaches as Nagas are closely watching the situation.

As for the Azheto’s terror organisation shifting the blame on the NSCN for the spate of terrorist activities in Dimapur, I would only say Nagas are not fools.

According to information from Vihokhu terrorist camp, ‘ss’ deputy kilonser, Akato Chophy and his two accomplices, Isak Sumi and Akato Sumi, son in-law of Nihoto Chishi, alone have abducted several businessmen from Dimapur for huge ransoms. The three terrorists have also extorted lakhs of rupees from the town.

There is also information that several members of same terrorist organization are indulging in such activities.

Lieutenant Hukato Yeptho

Naga Army



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