Nagas’ peace vs Real peace

Nagas’ peace Real peace

1. Peace from the minds of Charlatan Peace from the minds of peace lovers.

2. Superficial peace Peace creates understanding.

3. Peace to cover up injustice activities Peace is the root of justice.

4. Aggressive peace Peace is to decry aggressiveness.

5. Oppressive peace Peace is freedom from oppression.

6. Offensive peace Peace do not offence.

7. Peace for taking a chance Peace does not desire a chance.

8. Peace for taking an advantage- Peace is benefit to all.

9. Accumulation of wealth in the name of peace Peace generates wealth.

10. Demoralizing of one’s right in the name of peace Peace is freedom of right.

11. Peace for killing man like insects Peace is the outcome of forgiveness.

12. Peace for encroachment Peace is for settlement.

13. Peace for embezzlement of Govt. properties Peace respect Governments.

14. Peace is tortured by the candidates Peace is for electing genuine leaders.

15. Traveling for peace without valid/

proper documents Peace generates law abiding citizens.

16. Peace for making Delhi categorizes

the rights of the Nagas Peace initiates co-existence.

17. Peace for covering criminals Peace brings criminals to light.

18. Peace for creating- NNC Shillong Accord,

NNC Non-Shillong Accord, NSCN(IM),

NSCN (K), NSCN (unification) Peace creates the table of oneness.

Imti John, Youth Life Moulding Centre (YLMC) & Reformation Ministry of Nagaland.


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