Nomenclature of NSCN

The nomenclature National Socia1ist Council of Naga-Iand/lim, Government of the People’s Republic of Naga-Iand/lim is a people’s mandated party and government representing the Naga people’s will and voice.

The question of nomenclature thus does not arise, but the will and mandate of the people remains to be the sole authentic representation of a people and its voice.

The 1988 crisis took place due to despotic and callous tribalistic centered dispositions that culminated to subsequent consequences when untrustworthy inclinations sprouted. In every revolutionary movement there always exist opposing forces, but the people’s will and aspiration will always rein over all negative elements.

Though being confronted with similar situation, the on-going Naga unification process is being undertaken focusing on the sole objective of the Nagas in amalgamation to pursue our common goal non-violently. The Naga people should not be subdued or taken for ransom by divisive forces but should be prepared to surpass over all obstructions so that our dreams may be realised.

Publicity Cell, GPRN/NSCN


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