NSCN (I-M) on the division of NSCN’s

Under the circumstances where the Khaplang group is desperately eyeing the attention of the Naga people to be accepted as a bonafide organization with interests that are focused in accordance with the Naga people’s political aspiration by misleading the people and the press on the non-existence issue of who carry the name “NSCN” to represent the Naga people’s political struggle. In the name of survival under the nomenclature of NSCN, anything that goes to commit effrontery is to be taken as nothing short of lying to the people. And as demanded by the situation where the Khaplang group bereft of any political morality is begging to be given the nomenclature of NSCN in order to come in line with the policy as prodded by the Home Ministry’s intelligence agencies whose hidden agenda with Khaplang group is to support Khaplang group’s existence as a counter-force against NSCN. And this is best served by still sticking to the name of NSCN. So far the only claim for Khaplang group is by virtue of its forceful but unwarranted support by the government of India to fulfill its suppressive nature governing the North East States.

In this context, the NSCN is once again placed under the condition where it necessitated pointing out the historical fact. It may be noted that following the steady sign of progress made by the NSCN the dark shadow of obstructionist forces begin its work. Accordingly, S.S. Khaplang and Brig. Kholi attempted an abortive coup and perpetrated the bloodiest ever massacre into the ranks of the NSCN claiming over two hundred (200) lives of revolutionary patriots. The NSCN Chairman Isak Chishi Swu was then away for mission abroad. The General Secretary Th. Muivah along with true national workers was plunged into chaos and uncertainty. In this way two distinct camps-revolutionary and reactionary came into existence in Nagalim.

NSCN, without the slightest hesitation have charge the whole turn out as a well-organized conspiracy directed by the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB). They concocted the story that Messrs. Isak Chishi Swu and Th. Muivah are processing to work out a solution with India (within the Indian Union) and secondly, to do away with all the Konyak and Pangmi national workers to seize all arms to surrender them to India. S.S. Khaplang and his mercenaries became the tool of the adversary in spreading this sheer fabrication among the workers and villages, whipping up bitter antagonism. Khaplang was able to win over the simpletons and some weak-kneed Naga Army personnel to his lies. And very soon, hatred was fanned up to an unlimited fever pitch. Without delay he ordered them to attack the NSCN Operation Headquarters, and slaughter over 200 Naga patriots in the most sadistic manner. Following this national crisis, the historic National Assembly of NSCN was held at “Jordan Camp” on 17th November 1989, and condemned S.S. Khaplang for his crime against the nation and expelled him from the organization once and for all. The Assembly on the other hand reaffirmed the leadership of Messrs. Isak Chishi Swu and Th. Muivah as Chairman and General Secretary respectively.

The media groups are requested to take this historical fact into account and thereby avoid creating further confusion to the people. The reactionary forces cannot claim to represent people’s interest under the stolen name of NSCN.



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