NSCN (K) supports unification

13th Feb. NPN

For the betterment of the Nagas, the NSCN-K supported the uni-fication movement and since then there was no killing or kidnapping from the NSCN-K side. The NSCN-K fully supported the unification as long as we work for the Nagas. But, there is still destructive policy from the side of the IM headed by Muivah.

No Nagas has a license to give allegation against individual but, has Muivah has a license to throw allegations against Azheto Chophy who is trying for unification? Since 1997 till date, we’ve never come across Muivah statement against the Indian Government.

To us and for us, unification is more precious and valuable than mere peace talk with the Indian government. Criticizing one another among the Nagas is nothing to us. Bringing unification by sacrificing one’s own individual blood is same as joining the national worker by one’s own individual volition. Whoever therefore think for peaceful unification for the greater interest of the Naga public in general may therefore keep in touch or join hand together to march toward to the Nagas desired goal by avoiding cheap statement and speeches of Muivah day by day.

The different NGOs are once again asked to keep your word and differentiate between killings and non killing by taking the example of the last more than two months of the start of the unification. Since the start of the unification till date, 6 of our cadres has been killed by the IM whereas, we’ve not resorted to any killing as we profess and believe in peace and unity. As head of the Ministry of Public Relation & NGOs, I want to ask the NGOs and the Public why are you so silent on this killing?

Even wars are fought to bring peace and solution so Nagas should not wait and watch but act else it’ll be only a negative attitude and action among the Nagas. So don’t let the bad time come but let the bad time go away.

It is a shame that while the IM group is opposing the unification, a unification calendar for the year 2008 has been flooded in market and is been forced upon the Naga household to buy. Selling out or advertising of such calendar is only to divert the mind of the people.

Muivah talk about the peace process but how could he able to cross Naga border without peace and unification. Until and unless Nagas could able become one it is a shameful thing talking about peace process without unification the Nagas with the Nagas. We the national workers like NSCN-K, NNC, and FGN has become closer for unification, a rightful unification with the objective of not to kill and no more bloodshed amongst the Naga family.

K. Zhimomi (Kughavi), Secy PR and

NGOs (Central), GPRN/NSCN-K.


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