Role of patriots in Nation building

All of us know that our country (Naga) is a young and small Nation. The spirit of the real politicians/National workers needs to be replicated in many spheres of our society to bring about constructive social and political drastic changes. The active involvement of honourable patriots in a wide variety of Nation-building effective activities will be a key determinant in our success and excellence. The young capable Politicians/National workers should seek matured political wisdom and future vision so as to fulfill our common political aspiration of one people in the eye of the world community. We are going to extend our sincere support and warm co-operation to any political party or organization which has strong determination to work hard with political conviction basing on National principle. We have before us our common political agenda to be pursued.

The Naga issue of sixty years standing to be discussed by sidelining the National principle is unthinkable. In defence of National principle, how many Naga good leaders can be counted as worthy patriots willing to drop their precious blood for the genuine cause of Naga.

Look at today political scenario in the state, unprincipled Naga leaders irrespective of all political parties, are busy defecting from one to another party with a sinister designed master-minded by certain section of the people in association with the adversaries. The main intention of defected under ground people! State Politicians was for the sole purpose of perpetrating one’s selfish interest for power, position and materialism. We the Naga public feels discourage and ashame of such run away national worker’s behaviours. However, over ground politicians are also on the same track. Some are because of not getting party tickets in their favour, whereas some may be not getting lion’s share. These defectors are considered naturally unprincipled power monger politicians. Those who play such monetary politics are not deserved to be national worker or real patriots because they have not particular colours of their politics at any level. They may come today and may go away tomorrow as they like because they don’t want to suffer in the service of the people.

Many aspiring candidates from different political parties say, “Elect me to serve you”. After electing them to power they rather work in their own interest not even respecting the electorates’ interest. Most of them become habitual defectors whether under ground or over ground. As and when they lose their interest in the service of the public they run away from their fold expecting to enjoy more power, wealth and better position.

Very unfortunate the recent discriminate unification move initiated by some section of people through back door. Any move for such purpose should be through proper channel with the support of mass based organizations like Naga Hoho, NMA, NSF NPMHR and NBCC. No Naga Civil Societies could extend their support to this present Naga Unification process because of not basing on the National issue and political principle of oneness as enshrined in the Naga Constitution.

Therefore, to me it is time wastage and an inconvenience creating factor to the Naga Political Peace Process. Let us not give a chance violence to beget violence and divide more the Naga people. This is more projecting our colour of disunity and disintegrity.

H. Sosü, general secretary,

Poumai Hoho, Nagaland.


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