Next generation leaders


Calling “generation next” to come for-ward and select a “generation next leader”. What sort of Nagaland do you want to see 20 years from now? Do you want to see your children growing up in an atmosphere of ‘peace’ and ‘prosperity’ at par with the rest of the world or continue to be labeled as second class citizens of this alien country that we belong to? Well, then it is time to sow right seeds today. The urgent needs of the hour is to elect a ‘generation next leader’ to form government who will not only work for the welfare of the people in general but give priority to the urgent need of the youths, as they are our only hope for future we desire to achieve.

As we all know, Nagaland even after 45 years of statehood is one of the most backward and corrupted state of this country. Our so-called leaders have denied us even our basic needs-good roads, electricity, drinking water etc. so what else can we expect them to deliver? Every election, these set of same old politicians make their appearance again and again as “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, “old wine in a new bottle”, defecting from one party to the other for their selfish gains. But who elects these leaders? It’s us citizens, of course. In a tribal state like Nagaland, where most citizens are poor, illiterate and voiceless, to those who do not know the basic of governance, election time means feasting and pocketing a few cash. Mind you, feasting during election time has nothing to do with our culture.

You may ask how 20% of the educated people living in the towns can influence the 80% of villagers. It’s simple as choosing the right candidate to exercise your franchise. But who is the right candidate? “The right candidate will be someone with courage, integrity, honesty with a burning desire to work for the welfare and uplift of the people and above all God fearing”.

The winds of change are blowing in the air. Our collective voice will be heard by one and all. We will shout loud and clear for job opportunities to be opened up especially in the tourism and other professional fields. For this we will demand hospitality and catering Institute. To survive in the 21st century cut throat professional world, institutes like IIT, IMM, NIFT and NIIT are a must in Nagaland. When our good old neighbour like Assam and Meghalaya can have IIT sans IIMs, why can’t we? We will demand outmost transparency in government corridors so that there are no favouritisms in any department.

We will demand for a separate department for Handloom and Handicraft of Nagaland so that no weaver or craftsman (who constitute 70% of the population) in Nagaland will die an artificial death by selling dry flowers of Rs. 5 inorder to survive. We will demand to make 2008 as ‘Year of Artisan’ so that our dying craft will be revived through tourism. Many families in Nagaland have lost a dear one due to frustration with the system. Our next generation will be given all opportunities to compete with the rest of the world. We will demand a Mall in each district for youth, a place where they can hang out with their music, food and shopping. The malls will be run by professional local youths (not Mias) where they can showcase their talent in music art, fashion, food and also it will be an attraction for the tourist and business. Our children need to grow up in an atmosphere of peace with confidence to face the world and become role models to their children. The ‘generation next leaders’, who can give these opportunities to the youth, come forward and we will cast our franchise for you.

Kos Zhasa, Guwahati.


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