ZD Akho needs to think more

ZD Akho needs to think more  21/2/08

It is good for young educated Nagas that Maj. Z.D Akho re-leased his realization and analysis on the anti-national and anti-social activities of the renegade NSCN (I-M) group which appeared in local dailies on 18th February’08.

On his statement I would like to express my opinion to let him think more for the Naga Nation and decide to do good for the Nagas. As Akho stated, many young Nagas who were born with high patriotism joined factions without knowing differentiation of nationalism and factionalism. The factionalism is created by renegade leaders since 1980 and the Naga nationalism was rooted in the hearts of the Naga people from the time Naga Club was formed. And then nurtured by the Naga National Council since its formation in 1946, and founded the Naga Nation on the rock of truth. That is why today we are proud of as a nation and the people.

The factionalism was created in the interest of self-aggrandizement. And they spread false propagandas throughout Nagaland as to deceive innocent young Nagas. The young people believed their false propagandas and joined them, but lost their lives in vain. When they found factional leaders’ lack of guidance and encouragement, they run from factions to another, yet they have no satisfaction on serving factional leaders. So also Z.D Akho will not have satisfaction even if rejected the renegade leaders and joined another faction.

The Nagas long for unity, but we should know that the Nagas have their own foundation, principle and legitimate ground to reunite. Outside this national foundation and principle we cannot have unity. Creation of a new faction is only a contradictory act of reunification. The renegade leaders created faction and faced their ultimate fiasco. The main factor for their failure is the so-called NSCN faction has no foundation, no principle and no historical background of our nation. Therefore, creation of more factions will not lead to achieve our cherished goal but it creates more problems for our people. This is proved by the break away group of NSCN (I-M).

I hope Akho may have in his mind what Muivah said on 29 years of waging wars against the Nagas or 29th raising day on the so-called NSCN on 31st January’08 that “unification had to be based on principle and not runaway unification”. The truth what Muivah said is that He and Isak ran away from the NNC and NSCN is a runaway group, so the Nagas can have no unification with runaway group.

As Z.D Akho stated, God has His own purpose for the Nagas and He is leading and protecting our Nation, so that only we can withstand heavy repressive measures of the enemy for more than half a century. Factionalism/sectarianism is not the path and will of God. Anyone of us truly believes God our Lord and follows the path He is leading us. We will find happy to serve nation and will truly reach our promise land. May God bless him and lead in the right path.

Thomas, NNC member.


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