APO on Naga unification

APO on Naga unification  28/2

The issue of the ongoing unification initiatives in Nagaland continues to be more crucial and it is vital that the tribal Hohos maintain understanding about the issue.

The Angami Public Organisation (APO) hold the view that Naga unification is the need of the hour to ensure the survival of the Nagas as a people and a nation, and welcomes any initiative for the Naga National reconstruction and unification based on the national principles of Naga brotherhood, tolerance, peace and reconciliation which is acceptable to all the Naga tribes and the political factions.

The APO firmly holds the view that while the goal of unification is most important, the means to achieve the goal is no less vital, if not more. It is necessary that all the Nagas tribes join hands together in the task because the Naga tribes must be equally represented in the initiative. Unification envisages peaceful co-existence with mutual respect for one another’s traditional territories and boundaries because there is no territory known as “No man’s land” anywhere throughout the breadth and length of the Naga contiguous inhabited areas. Unification cannot be imposed, dictated or forced upon the people by anger, threat, extortion or by barrel of the gun, because unification is part of the process of healing the souls of the Nagas. Any national dream not fueled by God cannot stand the test of time.

Therefore, while the APO stands for unification of the Nagas, the APO firmly believes that:

1. Initiatives of unification should be broad based so as to include all the Naga tribes and uphold Naga brotherhood.

2. Peace and reconciliation among the political factions must precede unification initiatives so as to stop all forms of violence and fratricidal killings among Nagas.

3. The Naga tribes must have mutual respect for one another’s traditional territories and boundaries so as to restore hope and confidence among the people.

Mhiesizokho Zinyü, president, APO, Mhasivilie Nagi, assistant general secretary, APO, Ruokuohei Miachieo, secretary (Administration), APO, Vipose, adviser, APO.


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