Nagas must act as one

Nagas must act as one  29/2

The Nagas are at the threshold of molding our future. Our decision today will formulate our tomorrow. Are we to languish in the internal turmoil and decimation unending? Or are we to shed our stubborn obstinacy and discard all difference with our common objectivity as our priority and concertedly stand for our rights?

All justifications to gain political mileage have today reverted to displeasures of the Nagas. Nagas want to reconcile and unify and approach the protracted Indo-Naga political issue for a lasting solution once and for all. It is today the bounden duty of all the Nagas, irrespective of communal or tribal affiliations to away all apprehension and qualms, and to unitedly shoulder our respective responsibilities so that lasting peace prevails in our land.

Toluho, under secretary, GPRN/NSCN.


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