Sumi Hoho support Naga unification

Sumi Hoho support Naga unification 26/2

The Sumi Hoho facili-tated and supports the ongoing Naga unification to bring all warring factions under one political organization so as to completely stop bloodshed and fratricidal killing.

Gen. Zuheto Swu in his Patriot Day speech on 4th August’2001 stated that from 1954-1964, 485 Naga national armies were killed by the Indian Security Forces. These people can be called patriots, because they were killed by the enemy for the cause. He said that he has recorded the names and where they were killed by the Indian Security Forces.

From 1964-1990, there was silence in the Naga political movement and peace prevailed in Nagaland. But again from 1990, another new political dimension erupted among the Naga underground setup. Because of this factionalism, Naga underground were fighting among themselves, killing each other. We Nagas professed ‘Nagaland for Christ’, but taking the name of Christ, fratricidal killing started unabated. The Nagas claimed that thousands and thousands had sacrificed their lives for our motherhood and called them as patriots? I would say, we are murderers; no one will kill his own brothers.

If you trace back the revolutionary history of the world, there has been always two groups struggle for sovereignty. To take few examples, in Russia, there were two revolutionary groups, one under the leadership of Lenin, ie, Bolshevik. Bolshevik wanted to secure freedom from Czardom by means of non-violence. Another revolutionary party was called the Menshevik under the leadership of Kerensky wanted to achieve their goal by means of violence. But though they had different approach for their freedom, they did not fight among themselves. Both the political wings fought against Czarist to attain their goal. Same is the example of Indian political struggle. Mahatma Gandhi followed the path of non-violence and Satyagraha which ultimately brought freedom for India. But Subash Chandra Bose wanted to attain freedom through the means of violence and organized Azad Hind Fauj. But there was no record that they fought themselves. But we Nagas though our ultimate goal is the same “Sovereignty”, we fought among ourselves in the name of sovereignty.

Now what is the political salvation for the Nagas? It is only through the unification of all Naga underground factions, peace tranquility and prosperity will prevail in Nagaland. There are only two choices for the Nagas. We have to choose between bloodshed and peace. If we want to live in peace and harmony, we have no other option than “unification of all factions”. With this end Sumi Hoho and Sumi public are working hard to bring peace in Nagaland.

In 1793, one of the organizers of the Girodin Club, Roland was suspected to be traitor and she was leading her way to Scaffold remarks: “O Liberty, how many crimes are committed in thy name”.

The saying goes, “A troubled mind often the product of a troubled soul”. Our souls are in trouble but we blame our mind. Let us clean our souls then our mind will be in peace.

Hokishe Yepthomi, president of Sumi Hoho.

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