Unification: Desired goal of Nagas

Unification: Desired goal of Nagas 26/2

The Ao Seden understands that there seems to be confusion on the matter of present Naga unification move in different corners. Infact, unification of all Naga communities irrespective of territorial location and organizations is the most needed of the hour because without this we cannot achieve our goal as desired by the Naga people.

In this regard, the Ao Seden recalls its earlier declaration made in a joint meeting of Ao Seden and ABAM on 20th July’1993, wherein, we have passed three historic resolutions on peace and unity move in Nagalim as stated below:

1. To work for peace and unity move involving ourselves for its complete success.

2. To discourage all forms of violence, factionalism and such, appeal to all concerened to declare unilaterally; the cessation of hostility between different groups at the earliest because peace and unity can be achieved among different groups only through negotiations, mutual understanding, forgiveness and reconciliation.

3. That a competent body consisting of reasonable members acceptable to all concerned to form through the auspicious of Naga Hoho/NBCC in order to achieve the goal of Naga unity.

Further, we wish to keep our record and commitment clear recalling our earlier statements dated 8th February’07, whereby, we have appealed to all Naga National workers, their factions, civil societies, NGOs, Churches and individuals to sincerely respond to the call of the National proclamation made by Isak chishi Swu, the Yaruiwo of Nagalim NSCN (I-M) on the matter of “forgiveness and reconciliation” issued on 13th January’07.

After this crucial juncture, the Ao Senden feels that the on-going peace process and political negotiation under the collective leadership that have been endorsed by all the Naga tribes, civil societies and churches is the right perspective that needs to be strengthened by one and all. The Senden feels that forming different groups taking different nomenclature may simply add more confusion among the people.

While reiterating our previous stand, the Ao Senden feels that the Naga unification, reconciliation and peace making process should pave the way towards successful political settlement on the on-going political negotiation.

Temjenkaba, President of Ao Senden.

Temjen Paul, Secretary of Ao Senden.

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