Naga solution and unification


Nagas have been struggling for freedom for more than 60 (sixty) years. In 1951, 99% of Nagas have agreed for Naga Sovereignty during Naga people’s convention meet and signed a plebiscite. The Nagas headed by some underground leaders have signed 16 point agreement and bloodshed among Nagas started as some Nagas were not in support of the agreement.

NNC had 6(Six) round of talks with the Government of India and some percentage of Nagas did not agree for half independent. In 1974 about 200 Naga underground cadres went to China. After that, on 11th November, 1975 some Nagas have signed Shillong accord.

But some Nagas opposed to it. Because of that NNC was split and a group of NNC headed by Isak and Muivah formed the NSCN. During 1987- 88 NSCN was also split into 2 (two) factions ie, NSCN (K) and NSCN (IM).

Now, NNC has 2(two) factions and FGN has also 2(two) factions ie, Accordist and Non-accordist. At present, there is a Unification group also.

NSCN (IM) is having talk with the Government of India for Naga political solutions. They have submitted 30 charter of demands to the Government of India, but Govt. of India have not answered properly to the charter of demands for the Naga people till date.

Like last decades, no solution can be brought without unity. Solution will not be fruitful without unity. Many NGO’s are working hard to bring unity among Nagas, but not succeeded till date. So ENPO and Sumi Hoho have appealed to all Nagas to support unity move.

On 9th April’08, unification and peace rally was organized by ENPO and Sumi Hoho at Dimapur. Many Nagas from different organizations; Naga Hoho, NSF, Naga Council Dimapur attended and spoke during the rally. ENPO and Sumi Hoho extended thanks and gratitude to those who attended and supported the move. NBCC, Tenyimie, Lotha Hoho, Ao Senden, UNC Manipur did not attend the rally. Inspite of the move by ENPO and Sumi Hoho, some Nagas told that, the Peace move by ENPO and Sumi Hoho will not be a success.

Even after signing peace, organized by DB’s Association and GB’s Association, killing among Nagas prevail. So this may be the last call and last platform for bringing unity and peace among the Nagas. Any individual, national workers and NGO’s shall be held responsible if the Nagas cannot achieve good in future.

Therefore, once again ENPO and Sumi Hoho do hereby appeal all Naga Citizens, national Workers and Ngo’s to support and work for bringing unity and peace for the betterment of the Nagas.

P. Pohwang Konyak, president

Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation.


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