NSCN (IM) reacts to NSCN Unification


Late Capt. Atovi (unification group) is no longer alive to tell the story leading to his dead on 22nd April, but the story is alive and the public should not be misguided and wrong judgment passed. However, the story is being twisted to save Capt. Atovi and unification group as the victim of NSCN’s unprovoked firing at 7th Mile, Dimapur.

The actual story of the 22nd April firing no doubt started with the loaded trucks of log-wood brought to the Saw Mill by one Tangkhul at 7th Mile. At that instant, Capt. Atovi and his group came and demanded money from them. Despite the intervention of the Saw Mill owner on the impropriety of demanding huge amount within his Mill jurisdiction, Atovi was given Rs. 25,000/-.

Within no time of getting the money, they came fully drunk in four vehicles-one Gypsy, one Bolero, one Car and Motor Cycle and attacked the proposed mess of NSCN Town Command at 11:20 at 7th mile. That turned out to be the boiling point, forcing the NSCN to retaliate in a very ferocious manner, because the message of our forbearance and restraint has been interpreted to put undue pressure on NSCN. This time round, NSCN were driven to the point to eliminate the so-called ‘Highway commander’ who is nothing but a highway thug. In the other words Capt. Atovi dug his own grave in the Highway. This is also to serve as an alarm bell to the members of unification group who are out in the four corners of Dimapur looking for vulnerable victims to loot not only money but any valuables.

The wide spread looting spree through abductions, even leading to the killings ever since their glorified unification process was made known on 23rd November 2007 gives no message to deliver anything on the seriousness of the subject. Looting and running only after money was made the priority activities of the unification group. But for how long this illegal organization is to be allowed to have their way to destabilize the socio-economic fabric of the society.



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